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by Ren
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just a short line poem nothin serious
Back and forth

we toss this idea

that somehow

together we might


Like the sparks

of a kindled fire

we feed off one

another taking as

much as we can

until there is nothing

Destruction and creation

the chaos is unbearable

but it draws us both

back no matter

how hard we

withdraw into ourselves

to save what is left

The acid we sling

to push back for escape

does little good

we're trapped in this

game of addiction no

pain is too great

to stay gone for long

how to pass the time

I try each time to

cling to this warm new

light and flee the poison

the safety and love

a unique treat compared

to the vicious mayhem

of before with him

I want the light but

the dark has its hooks

They dig so deep

I don't know what is

addiction and what is true

desire for what was before

the chaos and poison

I can go back never again

he's the one who cut it off

and in a way I'm happy

but a small part wonders

what it could have been

So I think like most writers sometimes the need for some emotional expression can only happen through writing poetry. (It's honestly the only time I write poetry haha) So there's no need to take it seriously and critique it or anything, but if you'd like to I'm always willing to learn :) I didn't follow a particular syllabic style, or structure. I once read a poet's work who just broke her lines off short, and I liked her style so I've mimicked her here.
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