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this is chapter 2, part 1. please enjoy and comment! =D
I have never seen such a beautiful maid like Emily. She is divine and her wearing glasses make her social status seem higher than it actually is. I am intrigued by her appearance, and voice.
"Young master, a package has come for you." A maid announced at my door.
I glanced at her. "A package...?" I asked. "Superb! It has arrived sooner than I expected!" I beamed, flying off the chair from where he was sitting.
"Have you ordered something, young master?" the maid asked. I became silent for a minute.
"Isn’t it time you stopped referring to me as 'young master?'" I questioned, looking at the maid.
"What are you saying? You are 'young master.'" She replied.
I eagerly opened the package, revealing a toy airplane.
"Well, I’ll be... this is nicely put together for its size." I praised, playing with the propeller.
"What’s it called, again? An airplane?" the maid questioned. I perused the instructions. "Mm? Twist this around like so..." I read. I twisted the propeller. "Oh!" I exclaimed, as the plane took off suddenly. The plane flew over my maid's head, but she evaded the plane.
"Young master!" the maid exclaimed, unhappy. "E-heh-heh. Sorry! You’re faster on your feet than I give you credit for." I laughed.
"Ah, yes! The delivery of the package made me forget to tell you... your father would like to see you." the maid remembered.
"My father? This means I’m in for a long talk." I replied, heading for the door.
"Where are you going?" the maid questioned, concerned.
"For a little walk." I replied.
"But you can’t, young master. Your father is expecting you." the maid reminded. I didn’t pay any attention to her words, and grabbed my hat, strolling outside. "Young master!" the maid exclaimed as I ambled down the streets. I ignored her.
Hours later, I sat outside a restaurant, watching others stroll by. I was bored.
Maybe I’ll take a walk to see Miss Emily, I thought. 
I remembered Catharine at my visit.  She was suspicious at my visit.
No bad idea, I rethought. “She’s too well guarded. I wish I could just run into her by chance... but with my luck, that’ll never-” my thoughts were interrupted when I saw Emily walking out of the store. I jumped up eagerly, seizing the opportunity. “Sir, your bill!” a waiter exclaimed. I ran back to hand him a hanful og cash. “Here! Keep the change!” I beamed. I ran to see Emily.
         “Miss Emily!” I shouted, waving his hand to her, over a crowd. She noticed me, and smiled. Eventually we found our way through the crowd.
         I was confused. The encounter seemed awkward for us both. 
         “Mr. Jones!” Emily beamed, clearly excited to see me. “Hello… and good day.” I greeted, tipping my hat, respectively. 
         “Did you notice me back there? I waved as soon as u got out of the store.” I questioned, smiling. “I’m sorry. I couldn’t see you.” Emily apologized. “Even though you’re wearing glasses?” I quizzed. “My eyes have gotten weaker again recently.” Emily replied, adjusting her glasses.
         “Won’t you get new glasses then?” I suggested. “They’re rather expensive.” She stalled. I became silent for a moment.
         “I got it! How about I buy you a new pair as a present?” Jonathan beamed. “Eh?! No, I… I couldn’t accept…” Emily tried to protest, but I interrupted. “Oh, please! What’s one pair of glasses? We can call it a token of appreciation for my old governess; Catharine.” I insisted. “Actually, they’re-” Emily tried to speak. I interrupted again. “Please! You must allow me!” I begged. 
         “Giving a present is as natural as birds flying, or cats walking, or children falling down. There’s no problem at all with it.” I explained.
At first, Emily seemed confused. Then, she looked at me and smiled.
“I need a little time to think about it.” Emily smiled. “Of course!” I beamed.
I tipped his hat to Emily saying goodbye. We departed and Emily ambled home.

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