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please comment on this chapter., the original series is soley the creation of kouri Mori.
“I’m home.” I called to Catharine, as she entered the house. “Welcome home.” Catharine greeted. She noticed my confused expression. “What is it, Emily?” Catharine questioned.
“Oh nothing.” I lied.
“Oh, really? Did you perhaps run into our young Master Jones in the street?” Catharine assumed. I remained silent. “Oh so you did.” Catharine suspected, smiling. 
“Uh… yes. He told me to say hello to you.” I recalled. “Is that right?” Catharine questioned.
At nightfall, I strolled up the stairs to my room. I untied my long, brown hair, letting it extend down my back.
Thoughts of my encounter with Jonathan began to cloud my mind. She took her glasses off and recalled the first time she got them.

I was 11 years old at the time.
         “Emily, what happened?” Catharine asked, concerned. She walked in to see me picking up broken glass. I  looked up at Catharine, sheepishly.
         “You broke another one” Catharine scolded.
         “I am sorry. I didn’t see it there.” I apologized. Catharine held out a broom and helped me clean the broken glass.
         “Careful you don’t cut your hands.” Catharine cautioned. “By the way, about the stairs… sometimes after you clean them, there’s still dust in the corners, so do a more thorough job from now on.” Catharine directed.
         “Yes, Ma’am.”
         Catharine glanced out the window, examining a barking sound. “Tsk! That dog wanders into yard, easy as it pleases. I wonder whose it is.” she pondered. “Look its right there.” Catharine directed.
         I tried to see the dog. I  squinted my eyes, but no luck. My lady glanced at me. “Tell me… are your eyes bad?” Catharine questioned.
         Moments later, Catharine met me in my room upstairs with a pair of glasses.
         “Well, do they fit?” Catharine quizzed me. “They may feel strange until you get used to them.” Catharine warned.
         “They’re fine.” I promised. I looked out the window, seeing birds fly. “The birds… are brilliant. I didn’t know...  how beautiful the landscape was.” I beamed. Catharine stood behind me, staring out the window, watching my excitement.
         End flashback

         As I came back to present, I stared out of the same window. I placed my glasses on the table and turned off the lights for the night.
         The next morning, I met up with Jonathan on the streets. “What? You don’t need them?” Jonathan questioned about a pair of new glasses for me. “That’s right.” I smiled.
         “But-” “Really… I’m fine… just like this.” I insisted, interrupting Jonathan. Jonathan became silent.
         “I’m sorry. But I do appreciate the thought…” I apologized.
“No, no, that’s all right.” Jonathan insisted. “I’ve got it! What would you like instead? Anything at all, you name it! There must be something you want!” Jonathan beamed.
         “Something?” I quizzed. “Yes… something! Anything!” Jonathan shouted with excitement. I lightly laughed. “Hm… lace... a lace handkerchief would be nice.” I smiled.  “A handkerchief?! Then so shall it be! I’ll get 100… no, 200 of them!” Jonathan beamed.
         “um… no, one would be perfect.” I insisted. Jonathan smiled, and ran off to get my gift.
         Jonathan came back with a small box, and inside it was a handkerchief as I requested.
         I was silent as I caressed my gift. “I have always wanted a lace handkerchief since I was a little girl… thank you, Mister Jones.” I voiced, quietly. “Not at all.” Jonathan replied. I smiled, showing incredible appreciation.
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