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Megan and Jennifer run into the gypsies and Megan isn't sure if she trusts Miles anymore.
Miles gently pushed Rachael away and stopped the kiss. He saw Megan with the fire poker and Jennifer pushed Megan away from Rachael. Rachael's back was turned and she couldn't see Megan with the fire poker. Jennifer pushed Megan towards the door and quietly opened it.Jennifer went out the door with Megan. Megan dropped the poker outside in the bushes.

"What in the hell is with you? She is kissing Miles and you pushed me away from them and out the door. I should use that poker on you!"

"Megan, Rachael is my future sister-in-law. I don't like her, either but Miles loves you. Didn't you hear him? He told Rachael that he loves you. He pushed Rachael away when she kissed him. He doesn't want her."

"He should have told me about her before we got here. I want to go back to England. No, I want to go back to the present. I am going to find Zalita and have her send me back to my own time. Maybe Damon will forgive me or I find a man in the present. Miles is a dead beat. In our time period, he isn't even alive!"

"Look. we are back in the past. Damon wasn't right for you. If Miles loved Rachael, he would have welcomed her kisses and left you in England. Look. If he wanted Rachael, he would have went to France to get her along time ago. You need to talk to Miles but you have his heart. Remember that."

"I know Miles is handsome and other women at the balls wanted to dance with him but after two balls, he danced with me only. I can't get past this. Seeing him with that woman. Rachael. I am going for a walk."

"I am going with you. We will probably get lost." Jennifer didn't want Megan to get lost and in Megan's state of mind, she would probably get into trouble.

It was a nice sunny day and the houses were all mansions and had iron fences. There were stalls in back of the houses for the horses. There were guest houses. One was done up in blue. This was a fancy neighborhood. Megan and Jennifer walked and hadn't said a word to each other in ten minutes. The view was beautiful. Green grass and there was even a vineyard. Megan thought England was beautiful but France was more like heaven.

There was a big red mansion with yellow shutters and a weather vane with a horse and rooster. Flowers of every color grew here. There was a statue in the yard of a naked boy. Megan and Jennifer laughed. Just then the door opened up. It was Zalita!

Zalita hugged Megan and Jennifer.

"What brings you two lovely ladies here?"

"A Cheatin Ass Boyfriend!" Megan exclaimed.

"That isn't true. Bradley's sister is in love with Miles and Megan and I walked in on them. Rachael was proclaiming her love to Miles and Miles rejected her and she kissed Miles and he pushed away but Megan was going to beat her with a fire poker! Luckily, no one saw her except Miles and I got Megan out of the house. Miles told Rachael how much he loves Megan but Megan is mad. We went our for a walk."

"Come inside and have some lemonade." Zalita needed to talk to the ladies.

Megan and Jennifer followed Zalita inside. The house had blue drapes and paintings of ships and horses. There were fancy chairs and Zalita claimed that they were part of Marie Antionette's collection. Megan was impressed. Zalita had a maid serve lemonade.

"I came to France with my lover Kyle Drakelin. Manolito and Calin are here, too. Something is wrong with the moonstone. I know it got broken but it is flashing as well. There was non stop lightning in the sky. Only the gypsies can see it. I know it is because of the moonstone. You ladies are safe but if France or England has an earthquake, you would go back to the present, both of you. Megan, do you have the moonstone with you? Vicki can't find it. If you have it, I can fix the moonstone."

"I don't have it. I didn't bring it." Megan slowly drank her lemonade.

"Check again, Dear. I had a vision of one of the dogs at Vicki's. He put the moonstone in your baggage case."

"I haven't checked the bottom of the my tote, yet. Maybe it is there." Megan was puzzled.

"Did you see my babies? The dogs?" Jennifer asked.

"Yes, I saw them. They are beautiful babies. Vicki said Bradley got them for you."

"He did. I miss them so much."

"I will find the moonstone and bring it back to you. Maybe I will have you send me back to my own time."

"Megan, Dear that is not what you want.You love Miles and things will be alright."

Zalita patted Megan's hand. Just then the wolf entered the room. Megan hugged him as he licked her face.

"I bought him, too. The vampires are home. They will behave."

Just then Manolito and Calin entered the room.

"My Beauty!" Calin picked up Jennifer and spun her around. Manolito hugged Megan and kissed her and she let him.This was revenge on Miles.

Zalita hit Calin and Manolito with her fan. "Enough of that! They don't belong to you. You are here to take baby Kristie home with us. You loved Julieanka, got her pregnant and she leaves with our baby five years later. I am here with Kyle and Manolito, you are going to get my granddaughter, your baby and we are going to be a family again.

"Mother, that was my secret." Manolito groaned.

"Yes but not for much longer." Zalita loved aggravating her son.

"Dad wet on my shoes again. Mom, we should have left him with the vampires."

"Quiet. Stop whining. What are you? Five? Go wash your shoes. Better, yet, go find your daughter. My Kristie. Our baby." Zalita really wanted to see her granddaughter.

"I will, mother." Manolito turned to Megan. "You kissed me back. Do I still have a chance, my Princess? I love you, you know. We could raise my daughter together. I am a better lover then your Miles. Too bad you don't remember. my Princess."

Megan didn't know what to say. At this moment, she was ready to leave Miles but that isn't what she really wanted.

"I think we need to go, Megan. Bradley and Miles will worry about us." Jennifer was afraid what Megan would do about Manolito and her heart was beating a hundred a milis an hour seeing and hugging Calin again.

"We will go. Zalita, I will look for the moonstone." Megan and Jennifer hugged Zalita.

"Where's my hug?" asked Calin.

"I am already spoken for. You got a kiss earlier That can't happen again." Jennifer tried not to look at Calin.

"We will see." Calin winked at Jennifer.

Manolito hugged Megan. Megan knew that she had better leave. Megan and Jennifer walked out the door. Calin and Manolito whistled and did cat calls and howled which got the wolf to howling.

"Great! I am Alice in Wonderland! I would love to get out of this looking glass! I am going to find that moonstone!"

"Are you going back to the present?" Jennifer asked.

"It all depends on Mr. Cheatin Ass!" Megan answered.

"Megan, Miles loves you. Rachael is the one who has to deal with that."

Megan and Jennifer kept walking and ho;ing they were headed back to Bradley's house. Just then Miles came walking towards them. He hugged Megan and kissed her.

"I was so worried. We need to talk."

"Is this the part you break up with me?" Megan asked.

"Of course not. Let';s go to the guest house." Miles took Megan's arm and walked to the guest house. The Kentsworth's guest house was a minature of the main house but looked like a fairy tale cottage at the same time. Miles and Megan went into the guest house and Miles locked the door. He and Megan sat on the love seat that was red velvet.

"Rachael is twenty and she has had a crush on me for years. I always thought of her as a little sister. When my wife died, her crush got worse. I danced with her at balls but let her know, she was like a sister to me. When Morgan and Caroline left for France, they took her with them. I thought that she was over her crush but she isn't. I didn't see a need to tell you. I thought she was in love with Robarb and had moved on but I am wrong. I can't let you hit her with a poker. No matter what she does, I love you and only you. You heard me tell her I love you and only you. If you want, you and I can go back to England. Rachael will have to get over her crush she has on me. She is like a child even though she is twenty. I promise I won't be alone with her again. I want to marry you."

"I want to marry you, too. I will stay but I want Rachael to stay away from me. I don't like her."

"I know. Just don't try not to kill her or anything." Miles hugged Megan and kissed her and they made love in the guest house. Megan was all lovey dovey with Miles again.

Afterwards, Miles had to talk to Bradley about business and Megan went to her room and went through her baggage. She found the moonstone. It wa broke and flashing. Zalita was right. Just then there was a loud bang! Megan feared that it was an earthquake. She didn't want to go back to her own time. She was just mad earlier. The ground wasn't shaking but there were loud banging noises. This wasn't good.

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