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The Olympics go to Mars.
Just like the dream of ancient man to soar among the stars,
it was a high for all when the Olympics went to Mars.
Committee international picks the Olympic place,
and so the IOC thought it was right to go to space.

So on to Mars the athletes went from nations all around;
the landing spot, Cydonia, was the initial ground.
The Face on Mars was there of course--where did the Martians go?
Perhaps there was a time on Mars when life went with the flow.

There were a lot of spaceships that descended on the scene;
and some were news reporters who covered Olympic dream.
They brought their own equipment yet it was to their delight,
when Curiosity came by to give them extra sight.

The ceremonies opening the Mars’ Olympic games,
were held upon the Martian landscape with Olympic flames.
On Phobos were the medals kept--the silver, gold and bronze;
the five-ringed flag was duly placed atop Olympus Mons.

On Olympus Mons was seen the mother of down-hills;
skiers skied a very long time--spectators got such thrills.
Mars has a lower gravity, that’s why Mons is so great;
Olympic skiers whooshed on down this Martian real estate.

They played Red Planet volleyball--they kept their thick gloves on;
they also needed oxygen to do the decathlon.
Within the scope of track and field with Mars at perigee,
the athletes raced and jumped and vaulted with alacrity.

Even Mariner Valley was a venue used so well;
imagine the grand canyon with a major case of swell.
In Vallus Marinarus did a new flight-sport begin,
on great big wings because the Martian air is very thin.

Ice hockey played out very well, and figure skating too;
the coverage of Mars’ events was beamed so Earth could view.
A lot of work had to be done--it did exact a toll;
and that is why the ice events took place at Mars’ north pole.

They built some shelters in the sands for gymnasts who were strong;
for basketball and wrestling, for fencing and ping pong.
There was a mixture of events, and some were newly born;
the athletes did the best they could despite the spacesuits worn.

Those first Olympic games on Mars concluded with fine flair,
with flags of every nation flown despite the frigid air.
And the Olympic flag that flew atop Mons has more zing--
the images of the Earth and Mars were added to each ring.

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IOC…………….....International Olympic Committee.
Cydonia…………..The area on Mars where the ‘Face’ and ‘The City’ are located.
Curiosity……….…The present rover on Mars.
Olympus Mons……The highest mountain / volcano in the solar system.
Vallus Marinarus….An enormous canyon on Mars, far bigger than the Grand Canyon.

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