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by Archie
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Child politicians at it again.
"Barack, Mitt!  Stop it!  Go to your rooms!"

"But Mommy!"

"I said, go to your room!"

"But, he said . . . . "

"You too.  Go. To. Your. Room!"

Children.  The candidates from whom we are to choose the "Leader of the Free World" (I know, a bit pretentious.) cannot stop bickering.  I am a voter who doesn't care. 

What I do care about, fellow citizens, particularly the small portion of you who happen to bother to vote, is issues.  Each candidate need to express his honest (Asking too much here?) position on all pertinent issues:

The Economy


Health Care

Constitutional Questions

And these are just a few issues that I, personally, would like to hear discussed, debated and addressed in detail.  Neither Kid Barack nor Kid Mitt have addressed the issues.  Both use up their time, money, and other resources to bait and badger each other.

Unless there is a drastic and lasting change to their childish tactics of campaigning, neither will get my vote.  I will vote, but it will not be for either of them.

Note that I am not even asking them to show leadership here; I simply would be thrilled with their growing up and acting like serious candidates.
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