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A non-fiction event in an animal's point of view, assigned in my Creative Writing class.
Alone in the autumn forest, I picked up my head and howled. I'm a lone grey wolf and was separated from my pack. Wandered the forest, listened to the rustling leaves in the autumn wind. Soon I heard two human female voices in the distance, one was young and the other was an adult. Peeked through the trees and saw the white house and heard their muffled voices.

The young female sounded distressed and the adult was fierce in anger, slowly I ventured closer to hear more while making sure no other human saw me. My sensitive hearing could pick up the argument. The young female begged desperately to her mother to leave this place, go to another home and be in a safer place to prosper. But the adult mother angrily threatened the young one if she left and her mother decided to die by her own hand, then it would be the young female's fault. My ears perked up and eyes shot open as I walked back a step. How could a mother say such a thing to her own offspring?

I nearly felt her pain in my own heart from the hysterical cry of the young female. She was betrayed by her parent and authority figure, I didn't hear a male voice so I was unsure where the father could be. Soon I heard squeaking metal and saw the young female step out, I hid beside the house and watched. The young female left with another adult male she seemed to know well and trusted perhaps he was a relative. She carried a blue sack on her back and got inside his bronze metallic carriage, they rolled out the gravel driveway and headed down the road. Slowly and silently as I trotted away, I howled in hopes that the young female would heal and be strong again from this incident.
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