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Rated: 13+ · Draft · Action/Adventure · #1885101
Find out lost knowledge with the boy named Pax...
         Our story takes place in a world of renewal. Like a phoenix it died in the fire of warfare and it inhabitants, those that survived, crawled out of the ashes to start anew. To the current occupants of this healed land distant memories are forgotten by all except those clever and daring enough to search for them. One of them living in the lush hills of New Eden learned what happed to the world before. He scoured the nearby ruins everyday to find books, maps, even electronics. He looked for anything he could learn from. From these ruins he learned the world was expected by it's inhabitants to die in an nuclear inferno, but the inferno never came. The ambitions and greed of powerful land once called “China” set out to quench it's greed by claiming the land of other nations. A union of two rivals once called “America” and “Russia” stepped forth to oppose the avarice driven Chinese. The world's guardians fought to protect freedom and preserve God's creation. They nearly succeed and it seemed the world would be united as never before; with the Chinese war machine crippled, victory seemed inevitable. But the maelstrom of avarice and wrath infecting the souls of the Chinese leadership would ensure that if the world couldn't be theirs' then it wouldn't belong to anyone. They released a virus, one genetically engineered to spread far and kill many. It killed 98% of all it infected. Time past and pockets of humanity began to organize into tribes reminiscent of the Homo Sapian tribes of prehistory. This was the world as it is now.

*          *          **          *          **          *          **          *          **          *          **          *          **          *          **          *          **          *          **          *          **          *          **          *          **          *

         The 'one clever enough' was sifting through the ruins of an old American city. He was particularly fond of the thickest part of the city as within it was a enormous library filled with vast knowlage he would spend hours at a time poking through. It was here that he gave himself a name, “Pax”. He found it while reading about the “Roman Empire” a powerful, ancient civilization that fought barbarians, ignorance and injustice. Pax meant “Peace” which he found fitting as he didn't look for fights unlike others of his tribe. He respected the Romans for their ingenuity and organization. They had a flawless military, effective justice system, advanced roads, water systems and so many other things his tribe could use but were too close minded to try. He scoffed at them, the blind fools even called the city a “Stone Forest”. They even called the clothing Pax wore “Strange” and “Stupid”, he found it ironic that they made clothing out of animal furs which was often uncomfortable while he wore clothing of the old world. Pax found a building called a “Mall” on his first time exploring the city. It filled with clothing for all kinds of people. He picked pants colored like sand with pockets all over them labeled “Cargo pants”. He found a wonderfully soft white shirt but it didn't seem durable enough. In a store labeled “L.L. Bean” Pax found what he was looking for: a stone colored vest though it took some time to figure out the zipper. Next to the vests he found “Boonie” hats and picked out a tan one. Pax noticed some of the pictures of people revealed that they were wearing fancy skins on there feet, he thought they looked protective so he looked for a pair. It took a long time to find a pair that fit right. But he still didn't know how to tie the laces so he tucked them inside. It wouldn't be until he found the library and it's children's section that he'd learn to read and then learn to tie his “boots” as the book called them. They were much easier to walk in when he tied them. Pax saw all the books in the library and realized that the knowledge they contained could help his tribe but to transport them he would need a bag of some kind. So Pax returned to “L.L. Bean” and got a large camping backpack and an easier to carry messenger bag.

         After visiting the ruined city for the eighth week in a row, Pax eagerly rushed back to New Eden to finally tell everyone about the wonders he'd seen and the thing he learned. At the time he didn't know that they would mock him they even got a hold of on of his books and burned it. Pax later learned that “Twilight” wasn't a particularly good book if newspaper reviews were anything to go by. For awhile hid from the tribe and lived in a hill-side cave overlooking the nearby river. They still mocked him but they left him alone when he stayed near his cave and most of them didn't think he was worth their time. He never left the tribe altogether since at least some of the tribals acted friendly and checked on him every once in awhile. Pax was cautious with them though since he wasn't sure if the kindness was out of pity. 

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