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Some ideas I have for storys.

!. Sakura is made to be unable to refuse any request. How is un decided. May become part of an already existing story.

2.Kiba finds an amulet in his clan home.It gives the wearer the presense of an Alpha. Weak willed people people not be able to refuse him, and if chakra is added strong will people will be efected as well. It is not imposible for Naruto to still it. In that case demon chakra will rewrite the mind of nearby women into weak willed "bitches".

While on a misson, Naruto is cursed. The wording of the curse is "Naruto can only tell the truth". The Kyuubi while being able to remove the curse, instead reflects it. Now the curse "Naruto can only tell the truth", causes everone else to beleve any thing that he says. The funny part is, he does not know about the curse.

ex. "I have to go see the old drunk" 'Yes Tsunade is an old drunk', "Sasuke is a basterd. You should date me instead" 'Yes Sasuke is a basterd. I should date Naruto.

I read a story by crocodile kuro called the fox's eye. In it Naruto gains the abilty to hypnotize someone, but only the fox can activate it at first. I have a funnier idea.

The Kyuubi gains the abilty to control people's thoughts, and actions. He uses these to mess around Narutos life.


ex. Naruto is talking to Tsunade, "YOU ARE A NUDIST"

I fell like doing something with the overlord evil presence spell or something similar. For those who do not know the evil presence spell kills people, turns them into mindless slaves, turns them into evil misstresses, or drains energy. For something similar I can use Kyuubi chakra, or Hollow retisu.

Tell me what you think.

One Shot

  In the village of Konaha, a year has passed since naruto left on his training trip.Hinata Hyuga is watching Naruto's apartment.

'I miss Naruto,' Hinata thinks.

While reminiscing Hinata sees the color red passing by the inside of Naruto's window. Hinata uses her byakugan, and is shocked to see a red haired women crying in Naruto's bedroom. Hinata sneeks into Naruto's apartment, and gets a better look of the women. The women had long red hair, deep plum eyes, and she is wearing a green dress. Hinata is shocked to see if fade in, and out, before realizing that she must be a spirt.

"What are you doing here," Hinata stuttered. The women looks at her before saying,"I'm missing my son."

Hinata  is wondering what she means when it came to her. "Are you Naruto's mother," Hinata said. The women smiled at her before saying" My name is Kushina Uzumaki".

"How are you here," Hinata asks. Kushina explains her past to Hinata including Naruto's heratege, and burden. Upon seeing Hinata not care about Naruto's burden or heratage, Kushina explains how Kushina used a jutsu to bring her soul back, however it takes years for her soul to return, and it only lasts six months.

"And my son want return for a least a year," Kushina finishs. " Why don't you look for Naruto," Hinata says with tears runing down her eyes. "It's one of the flaws of the jutsu. You can only be seen by the first person to see you," Kushina says

Hinata starts crying as she learned she stole Naruto's one chance to see his mother. "Is there any thing i can do to help," Hinata asks.

Kushina looks shocked, before a smirk apears on her face. " Yes their is something you can do," Kushina says. Before Hinata can ask what, Kushina runs into her,and Hinata passes out.

  Hinata wakes up in her room, and wonders if it was all a dream. This thought is squasted when her wall flickers,and is replaced by an smiling image of Kushina. "Whats going on," Hinata asks.

"You are in your mind," Kushina says." I have possessed your body to help me."

"What are you going to do," Hinata asks.

"I have a special justu that I plan to use to make Naruto's life easer," Kushina says.

"I don't know," Hinata says. She sees Kushina frown before looking into her eyes.

  Hinata blinks before trying to remember what was going on. She remembers that she agreed to help Kushina. She turns to her wall to see the world from her bodys eyes.

Kushina is walking down the street in Hinata's body wearing a smirk never before seen on this face. She enters the Hokage tower, and makes her way to Minato's office. "Tsunade's office," She mentaly corrected her self. She sees Tsunade drinking, and thinks about what a poor excuse of a Hokage Tsunade is. Her son could do much better. "In fact," Kushina thinks making some revisions to her plan.

"What do you want," Tsunade asks. "Their is something strange going on with my byakugan," Kushina says with no hint of a stutter. Tsunade looks into Kushina's eyes not noticing her making hand signs. "Uzugan!," Kushina says with a smile. Tsunade sees swirls apear in Kushina's eyes, and feels her mind go blank.

Kushina smiles at her plan. The Uzugan has the power to brainwash others, It was used to turn Uzushiogakure missing ninjas into loyal shinobis. Kushina begins the next step in her plan. "Naruto is the Hokage in all but name. You are simply holding the title till the rest of the village is ready to acept it. Because Naruto is Hokage, as a leaf ninja you do what ever he tells you to do. You will never drink or gamble again. They are distracting you from making sure the village is perfect for when Naruto gains the title," Kushina says. Kushina next looks into her mind to start the final part of her plan.

Hinata is confused about what Kushina is doing, but knows she most always help Mistress Kushina. Ignoring the last part of her thought , Hinata looks at the wall to see Kushina. She looks into Kushina's eyes before felling her mind go blank.

Kushina smiles. Her plan after seeing that Hinata cared about her son was to slowly make her into Naruto perfect girlfriend. She could also remember how good Hinata's mother was in bed, during the days in Minato's Harem. She was like a docile little kitten to Minato. Of course she always remembered that if she was bad she would hae a vist form Mistress Kushina's whip. After whiping away a nose bleed, Kushina creates a loop, and heads back to Tsunade. Hinata when spend the rest of the justu learning how much she loved Naruto.

Kushina checks the clock before talking to Tsunade again. " As Hokage Naruto owns you Heart, Body, and Soul. You spend any time off fantasizing about obeying Naruto. Everytime you do something good for Naruto you will get horny. You will not try to get further with Naruto then being his servant, and sextoy," Kushina says. Feeling that that was good Kushina ordered Tsunade to forget her coming here, and left turning off the justu.

Hinata wakes up, and asks Kushina what they were going to do next. "Make Naruto's life even better," Kushina says, nmany fantasys going around her head.

  One hour later, Shizune comes into Tsunade's office to find her happly working on paperwork. "You seem happy Lady Tsunade," Shizune says.

"I find a new lease on life," Tsunade says. When Shizune leaves, Tsunade starts jotfuly thinking about the return of Lord Hokage.

Okay I have a new idea to replace my bleach story. I just need to work out a few things before I post it. In it Hollow Ichigo sends out copys of his mask that brainwash people. These masks were going to brainwash people into being his slaves so he could take over Ichigo's body, but instead they devolp there own personalty. Also since it was Ichigo's power, even if Hollow Ichigo used it, they are loyal to Ichigo. Here are who im planing to get the masks. One goes into Rukia, and finds Dark Rukia's scythe. It then uses it to erase Rukia's personalty, and fuses with the emotionless soul. This one will create Ichigo a amnisic harem. Another one goes into Soifon. It finds a shrine to Yoruichi inside her soul, and replaces it with one of Ichigo. This turns her obsession with Yoruichi, into one for Ichigo. She will use her new powers to create Ichigo a stalker cult. The next one goes into Chizuru. It goes into her fantases, and finds that one of them was to have a harem like a sultan. It changes this to her wanting to be in a harem, with Ichigo as the sultan. She uses her power to turn girls into harem girl, including the outfits. Finaly the last mask finds Ichigo's mother's soul in Hueco Mundo. It corupts her maternal senses to make her want to give her son many wives. She uses her power to turn girls into her image of the perfect daughter in law (Never gets angry at her son, never does any thing bad, always pleases Ichigo in whatever way she can). This will be a interactive story. Each girl can open an Gargatrua. These will be the first 4 options in the story. The 5th will be for someone to let someone else get a mask. These will have to follow some rules. 1. It must be a girl. 2. The mask has to change something about them. 3. The girl their power is used on must have a template(Rukia removes memories.)  What this template is is your coice, but it has to be the same for each girl. 4. This one follows all girls. This story is happening at the same time. No matter what charecter you are writing, the four listed above are also gathering a harem. If any of the girls with masks meet each other then they will fight for who will lead Ichigo's harem, and the one you are writing will one. The loser, and her harem will become changed into the winner's template. This can only be stop if Ichigo commands it. 5. stick to the girl at the start. You are not alowed to go into the Rukia storyline, and make a option to go to another girls. 6. You can not use Nemu. I have a idea for her.

I will try to get this story out sometime this week. Until then tell me what you think of the idea.

Okay here is a new idea.  In it Dark Naruto has only been faking that he was gone.  He has instead decided to help Naruto, by doing thinks he could never do.  He does this by finding a way into Sakura's mind, and finding Inner Sakura.  At this point Inner Sakura is almost completly supressed, and is scared that she will fade away. He manipulates her into loving him, before he gives her some of Kurama's chakra to give her more form. He will then move her to other womans minds, to change them over time into lovers for Naruto.

Tell me What you think.

Okay here is another version of the above story.  While she does not know it, Inner Sakura gained the power to enter, and influnce minds from Ino.  She accidently uses this power to enter Hinata's mind.  Inside Hinata's mind, Inner Sakura find Hinata's emotions.  She trips into them, and is flooded with Hinata's love for Naruto.  This being stronger then her crush on Sasuke, causes her to fall in love with Naruto. She is also filled with guilt because of how she acted to Naruto.  She will go into other girls minds, and make them like Naruto to make up for it.  She will change Sakura worse then others. because of Hinata's dislike for Sakura.  She will also try to make things better for Hinata for showing her the light.

Tell me what you think.
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