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Just something I wrote in a notebook one day. Hope someone likes it haha :)
         Lights. Red and blue; flashing.
         Blood everywhere and people screaming.
         People stepped on her as they ran.
         And yet, she couldn't move.
         The man in black slowly walked towards her, his eyes, those hauntingly gray eyes, the only detail of his face she could see.
         He kneeled next to her.
         She prayed that he would kill her quickly.
         The man held up his gun slowly.
         Tears filled her eyes as again the sight of her younger brother falling, clutching at his blood stained shirt flashed before her eyes again.
         "Save me," he said handing her the gun, his eyes also filling with tears.
         As the gun hit her lap, she felt a searing hot jolt of pain in her left side. The wound left her gasping for air.
         "Do it." He said pleadingly, his voice sounding young and smooth as silk. He did not sound like a killer.
         She picked up the gun and looked between him and it.
BAM! Everything shook.
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