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Odd conversation about Owls
featuring an owl and its symbolic qualities. Owls, over the centuries, have come to represent a number of symbols: wisdom, insight, solitude, vigilance, and even death. What does the owl portend for your characters?

First  Strig said “When did we first encounter Owls?  Clash of the Titans movie and that mechanical Owl?  Greek Mythology?”  Parl said “ Let me look it up in the book of knowledge” as he types madly on his computers keyboard.  Strig said “ But what about the actual Owls themselves never mind what the Mythological interpretations may be?”
Parl said “Look make up your mind are we working on the fictional activities or the real birds?”
         Strig said “ Guide lines were just featuring and or portend for your characters?” Parl said “ Let me guess.” Both together “the book of knowledge” and they both start typing on there keyboards. Strig said “ Just wonderful listen to this” and starts quoting from freedictonary.com “
"1. To serve as an omen or a warning of; presage: black clouds that portend a storm.
2. To indicate by prediction; forecast: leading economic indicators that portend a recession.”Parl said “ That is subject to interpretation you know”  Strig said “Murphy’s law” Parl said “Yes plus depending on which mythology we go with the Greeks like owls the Romans ....”
Strig said “That leaves actual owls themselves know any we could go talk to?”
         Parl said “ Ah I know the last time I saw that Raptor show at the Reinfair.”Strig “how did that go?”  Parl “ Well the gentalman made the comment that they owls were kind of stupid at which the Owl got off its perch and tried to hide behind it”  Strig “ as if to say ha look at you now?”  Parl “Something like that.”
         Strig “ Back to the original statment that got this started.” Parl “What the portends part of the owl statment or how were going to come up with something anything to put in here.” Strig “ Yes omens there haven’t been any of that kind of talk lately not even the tabloids have brought out Nostridomus” Parl “ Just the usuall stuff on the TV murder mayhem and the Election but nothing about any predictions” Strig “Heck they haven’t even mentioned the Spotted owl” Parl “What owl? where?”  Strig “ Let quote from < http://www.mindfully.org/Heritage/2004/Spotted-Owl-Protection7aug04.htm> it says that “Court Blocks Cuts in Northwest Forest” Parl “ Northwest Forest was the habitat for ..” Strig “the Spotted Owl”  Parl “But what does that portend to” Strig “ it made the news and that in itself is something.” 
         Parl “Adapting the news to portends and Owls, that is what were going to talk about?”
Strig “ No we could just do fanfiction.”  Parl “Make up you mind or were going to be like mice in a ...” Strig “Display case knowing that there snake or some other animals food?”  Parl “ Owl’s are night hunters for the most part.”  Strig “ There are exceptions to every rule, when I was a kid I used to ride dirt bikes, motorcycles for off road.” Parl “What does this have to do with Owl’s.”
Strig “Where we rode the bikes was a large cattle ranch at the time and in the fields were these triangles of three poles and barbed wire all alone in the middle of the fields.”  Parl “ Odd why would the rancher build those unless.” Strig “The rancher decided to for what ever the reason to protect the owls borrows which they would normally poison, the burrows would cost him cows when they would break a leg in the owls borrows.”  Parl “Thus the triangles of barbed wire in the middle of cattle fields.”  Strig “ They do hunt durring the day but take shelter durring the hottest part of the day.”  Parl “ So even though the owls could cost the rancher money in the loss of cows he chose to let them live rare for the late 1980's.” 
         Strig “ We are again not leading to any portends or even owls?”  Parl “and there are other systems of mythology besides the Greek and Roman.”  Strig “ Native American, Celtic and who knows what else.”  Parl “ Owl’s could we just say we saw and Owl and thus.”  Strig “We write about what the Internet and through the Internet the book of knowledge.” Parl “ when was the last time you saw an owl?”  Strig “ In this state,  there was a white barn owl that flew over me one night that was different.”  Parl “ different how.”  Strig “ it glided from one roof top to another.”  Parl “a very long time ago I did see a Great Horned Owl just for a moment it had wings that were huge, but then I was a kid at the time.”
         Editors note this is complete gibberish the names were used from  order Strigiformes the scientific name for owls.  For a group of owls is a parliament that is where we get Strig and Parl
word count 831.
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