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I like your eye ball <^>

      How do you get to be a moderator?
      Just curious. I think there's a cult at work here.
      Only, the true believers can be moderators.
        Sara Jean sent me her eye ball.
        Along with her advice on genre.
        Clearly, she is a moderator.

        Back in the day, those who disagreed with moderators
        were executed.+
        Jesus Christ was a such a martyr
        as was Galileo.

        True story. I'm watching Bill O'Reilly interview Dracula.
        They both agreed that Mitt Romney should be the next President.
        Dracula Krauthammer said, "We have to dispel the myth
        that the Republican budget is unfair to old people."

        Bill never challenges Dracula's premiss.
        This is the power of a biased moderator.
        They make the premiss sound like the truth.
        For example, the NAZI propaganda on eugenics
        was sound, if you except the premiss that nonproductive citizens
        are garbage.
        Sounds harsh? Well, what does Mitt Romney want to do to balance
        the budget?

        Republicans will spend a billion dollars a day on the Iraqi occupation.
        There is an army base there the size of Rhode Island.
        The U.S. Military is sitting on the last largest reserve of oil in the Middle East.
        And, the VP for the Republican Party wants to cut welfare and medicare
        and increase the military budget.

        All of which is basic eugenics 101.
        The first thing the Republicans have done is make it unpatriotic to
        object to military spending. They point to the wounded veterans.
        The previous President George Bush cut spending on  Veteran's
        Assistance. Why? Because Republican's care only about money
        and not one denarius about nonproductive citizens.
        Is this a shocker?
        Ironically, Republicans have been backed by Christians, who want to
        repeal a woman's right to an abortion.  That makes more Welfare moms.
        What would Jesus say about the Iraqi occupation? Was Jesus a Republican?
        Nope. Jesus fought the Republican Roman Empire and they executed him.+

        I do not believe Christians truly know Jesus when they say,
                                  "Jesus wants Muslims dead."

        But, what do I know? I am not a moderator.
        I just watch Bill O'Reilly plot his Mitt Romney campaign
        on FOX NEWS: Fair and balanced?

        Just my two cents
        Sara Jean.
        Did I use the right genre?


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