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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Sci-fi · #1885488
Better Brains has a Simulation that they forgot to turn off.
         One night at the Better Brains R&D lab.  The Supervisor George was checking in with  the 2 Server engineers Henry and Marv about an alert about simulation UNK2xx. George said “Simulation unk2xx it just tripped the 2 petaflop alert.  Henry “look at the secondary screen as I pull it up.”  George grimaces as both he and Henry watch the description appear.  Henry said “ It appears to be a backup simulation left over from Brain rebuild 11“  George says “ Why after all this time is it still running?  The only reason I noticed it was the petaflop alert.”  Marv said “ The authorization says it was to run until it produced, it gets cut off here says authorized users only great!” Henry says “ Port that to the main screen ah yes here it is to terminate simulation it will need ...”  George says “ Your joking tell me thats an error?” as he reads with them.  This simulation will need Three Managers to sign off on the ending of the simulation any and all information must be obtained only after meeting with three ...
         Henry “Well that should not be to hard.” looking up at George.  George “Send me everything I will go to my cube and see who answers besides its probably above are pay grade and but we see if there are any clause if it reaches a certain size and let me know.” As George runs out of the engineers monitoring station.  Marv “ What is that thing doing any way, its never even requested any outside data?”  Henry “ No it hasn’t just more room lets see if we can get a look at what its been up to or who its been sending reports to.”  Marv  “ George is going crazy in his cube looking up at one of the screens that Shows George gesturing.  Henry “ you mean a Manager actually answered? don’t let them in here the last time it took a week to get this place working again.”  Marv “don’t forget the outside contractors.”  The both laugh.  Henry “ Would you look at this the AI has just 2 other simulations.”  Marv “ All this time what are they doing in there.”  Henry “well from these readings there Copies of brains.? “  Marv “Its just a simulation.”
Henry “Is George done with his call?” Marv “He will be here in 5.”  Henry “Well it looks like this egg is starting to hatch!”  George walks in “The Manager has no idea who ... why is that screen grey and who are they?”   

        Where are we?  <who is speaking> said the voice in the dark.  Ah yea good question but you see were lost and I don’t know who or how many we are its just sort of grey. said unknown.{find a name}  You will find out I suspect but then again maybe not said the Darkness.
Ah yea so are you like the guide or ... said the first voice. Second voice deeper than the first Why should you even talk to it .  Startled yelp First Voice" don’t do that who ever you are?" Second voice “ at least you responded most here just seem to be I can’t describe them here look here” second voice a arm motions to the first speaker.  First Voice “ you don’t remember who you are either” walking in this grey place to the arm that is attached to another person.
         The second “No but its good to see another person look at this” this is a flat ghost of a person transparent and just hanging in thin air.  First Voice “Well ah hmmmm does it change or react to ..” Second person “No it does nothing even when I ..”Second person “Puts his hand through the flat person” First person “Your right about seeing another person but that is different?” First person “does any of these jog a memory or anything familiar?” Second person “Nothing.” The Darkness “Near as I can tell Neither one of you has ever met the other” First person “Well that was allot of help where to now” Second person “I don’t have a clue just a feeling that talking to nothing is well odd.”
         First person “This gray space with these images and none of it rings anything plus this voice?” The Darkness “You both seem to have lost your memories and this is the place where you may get them back if you want to.”
Second voice “Why would we lose them in the first place and second why put us together.”  The Darkness “Each of you has a role to play in the others memory and it was hoped that you would react well to the interaction or sum such nonsense.” First person “ So looking at the unknown person beside him were stuck ..” Second person “ Look on the bright side are you even hungry or thirsty?” First person “No you either I take it?” Second person “exactly so this voice is “ Turning around and says “Voice are you a doctor or what exactly are you.” 
         First person “doctor well at least thats something but nothing about this has any recollection.”The Darkness “You each must recover you own memories, nothing can be provided until you both reach your own conclusions.”Second person “ Thats not an answer to the question?”The Darkness “Memories you both decided to lose yours for what ever reason now if you will its time to get them back.” First person “ I guess its time to move to where ever or what ever brings them back you think?” Second person “But again which way and should we trust this voice?”
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1885488