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Do not click on this Red Flag item!

        Your reading this?!
        Home Land Defense has just marked you as a Red Flag!
        Yes, any internet topic that deals with .. Red Flag issues
        is immediately sent to a minimum wage clerk at Home Land Defense
        to read.

        If the clerk reading this Looks like that Charo actress on NCIS
        please contact me.


        What is a terrorist?
        The Revolution of 1776 in this country was called patriotism by the
        Continental Congress.
        King George called it treason.

        Is the President a Tyrant?
        The Continental Congress wrote in their Declaration of Independence
        that the people had a right to take arms against a tyrant.
        Is this why the NRA supports the sail of assault rifles to civilians?
        Yes! The NRA is a counter revolutionary organization!
        They have written about and spoken on broadcasts about the right
        to take up arms against the President of the United States of America.

        Is the NRA a terrorist organization?
        I'll let you decide.
        And just to tweek big brother:

                      The President lives in the White House in Washington D.C.

        P.S. I voted for President Barack Hussein Obama.

        Anyone who has read this is marked with a RED FLAG!

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