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A short story for the Paradise Cove contest with emphasis on involvement of the senses.

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“Thanks, Betsy”, her bark a sign of someone approaching the door, and as he reached it, the doorbell rang.

“Oh hi,” the newcomer said, “I hope you don’t mind, I moved into the next unit a couple of days ago and I … Oh, I didn’t think we were allowed to keep pets in the units.”

Ryan smiled. “No, we’re not.”

“Yes, but … oh my God, you’re … you’re...” The visitor had a warm, soft, attractive voice but seemed tongue-tied with embarrassment.

“Don’t worry, and don’t get tied up in that politically correct nonsense about being ‘visually impaired’. I’m blind and have been from birth, so it’s not the handicap it might be for someone who has ever seen. I’m Ryan, by the way.”

“I’m Kelly. I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to …” She stopped again, seeing a tall, good looking guy with a mop of curly brown hair, a square face with a mobile, smiling mouth, but his eyes drew most of her attention. They were a milky white, yet somehow he must have recognised her discomfort, as he put on dark glasses.

“I do take a bit of getting used to; this might make it a bit easier for you. Please come in Kelly.” She followed Ryan into a room clearly arranged to maximise his convenience. Betsy followed them, and Kelly asked, “Can I pat him?”

“Perhaps I’d better introduce you,” he said with a grin. “Kelly, meet Betsy; she loves to be scratched behind her ears where she can’t reach.”

Kelly gently scratched Betsy behind her ears, and if a dog could purr, she would have. Instead, the steady thump of her tail on the floor demonstrated her pleasure.

“I think you have a friend for life,” Ryan laughed as they sat at right angles on a comfortable lounge suite. “Would you like a coffee?” he enquired, and Kelly jumped to her feet.

“Let me,” she started but Ryan responded immediately. “Thank you, Kelly, but I’m okay doing this; it helps me to stay independent.”

They sat talking for a while, about families, about their work and interests and about their love of the same kinds of music. It was soon obvious, too, that they both had a similar rather way out sense of humour, and Kelly seemed to be slipping under the spell of his warm, soft, voice; ‘like listening to chocolate’, she thought.

Kelly’s gentleness and the compassion in her voice captivated Ryan and he heard an increasing blend of laughter and mischief. He also reacted strongly to her subtle perfume; musky and seductive, which started to affect Ryan in a most enjoyable way.

“Kelly, give me your hands,” Ryan said after a while. “As I can’t see, my other senses compensate, and I can almost ‘see’ with my hands.” So saying, he took her hands in his and ran his finger tips gently across them, down her slim fingers, lingering on her well shaped nails and across the soft skin of her wrists.

Kelly shuddered. She had never had such a sensual experience before. It created a flood of warmth and excitement and she wanted him to extend this tactile exploration to other parts of her body. “Ooh, Ryan, that feels so nice, I love what you’re doing; please don’t stop with my hands.”

Before Ryan could go any further, a warning “Woof” came from across the room.

“More visitors,” Ryan voiced his disappointment and apologising to Kelly, made for the door.

Lenny, the neighbourhood nuisance lounged against the door frame, enveloped in an aura of stale sweat, bad breath and dope. “Hi, man, how’re they hanging?” Lenny failed to notice Ryan’s grimace of distaste. Lenny’s presence had come to irritate Ryan—he seemed to believe, quite wrongly, that Ryan needed his support to offset his disability.

Lenny continued, “I see you’ve got a visitor, man; a word of advice—ya do know she’s just an abo, don’t you?”

Kelly had followed Ryan to the door; she gasped and ran from the unit in tears.

Ryan turned towards Lenny, his mouth contorted into a thin tight line, his face flushed and his voice a low, threatening growl. “Get the hell out of here, Lenny, and don’t come back. Kelly is my friend, and I’ve had enough of you and your racist crap. Get out and don’t come back.”

Lenny started to argue, but a deep growl made him think again and he cursed Betsy as he left.

Ryan rubbed the dog behind her ears. “Thanks, Betsy, good dog. Now we’ve got to build some bridges with Kelly, and you’re going to help.” A gentle “Wuff” came in reply.

Ryan and Betsy made their way to Kelly’s unit and knocked.

“Go away,” came tearfully from inside.

“Hmm,” Ryan said to his companion. “Time to get sneaky; speak, Betsy.”

Betsy gave a distinctive “Woof”, repeated shortly afterwards.

The door opened and Kelly sobbed, “What do you want?”

Before Ryan could speak, Betsy pushed her wet nose against Kelly’s hand. She gasped and spoke accusingly to Ryan, “Are you trying to use your dog to win me over?”

“Something like that, I guess. I want to apologise for that oaf Lenny; I’ve told him he’s a racist pig and never to darken my doorstep again. Betsy made it clear that he isn’t welcome, but you are—most definitely.”

An almost tangible silence hung in the air before Kelly spoke. “I guess I can’t resist you and your dopey Labrador. Apology accepted; would you like to come in for a while?”

“I’d love to, but it might be a bit hazardous if you’re still unpacking. Why not come back to my place and we can take up where we left off?” Ryan left no doubt about his motives, but Kelly could also play that game.

“Are you sure I’ll be safe?” Ryan could hear her smile.

“Don’t worry, Betsy will protect you.”


They returned to Ryan’s lounge and again sat half facing each other. “Give me your hands again, Kelly.” She felt unable—and unwilling—to resist Ryan’s ‘chocolate’ voice. She revelled in his velvety touch before he took it to the next level.

“Kelly, may I touch your face? Please—it’s my way of ‘seeing’ how beautiful you are.”

She didn’t answer, but took his hands and rested them on each side of her face.

Ryan’s fingertips travelled slowly across Kelly’s face, barely touching her eyelids and nose, sweeping across her cheeks, trickling into her ears, gently flicking the lobes and lingering tenderly around the sensitive areas behind and below them.

“Don’t stop, Ryan, please.” He heard the urgency in her voice, especially when he replaced his hands with his lips.

His soft, sweet kiss stirred something inside Kelly and she grabbed his head and repaid him with passion.

“Kelly, take your t-shirt off and sit on my lap.” This sounded like a command, but she complied without hesitation, almost tearing her top off. She snuggled into Ryan, her mouth nuzzling at the side of his neck and her arms around his shoulders.

And then, the unexpected. Kelly reached up and removed Ryan’s dark glasses, pulling his head down and kissing each eye softly and tenderly. Ryan uttered a sound like a choking cough and tears flowed down his face. Kelly continued to hold his head in her hands, kissing away the tears and suddenly Ryan grabbed her head and kissed her roughly, forcing his tongue into her mouth. His apparent violence surprised Kelly, but she also realised his need to taste his own tears. Their kiss became long and probing, searching each others mouth in the especially intimate way of a true lovers’ kiss.

Kelly mewled gently and returned to nuzzling Ryan’s neck, whimpering as she felt his hands caress slowly down her back.

“Mmm, yes, my hands tell me how beautiful you are,” he murmured, distracting her while he unfastened her bra. Kelly expected this, even hoped for it, and as his searching hands found her now engorged nipples, she whispered words of lust and excitement to let him know not to stop.

Kelly squealed and clung to Ryan as he squeezed each nipple hard, then kissed and nibbled at them. “Oh God, Ryan, that is so good. I love you playing with me like this. More, please, more.”

They were interrupted in their excitement by a gentle wuffling, and Ryan laughed. “I think we might move somewhere else. Betsy is a very respectable lady!”

Kelly returned his laughter, an unexpectedly deep, warm sound that Ryan thought reflected the essence of her happiness. He led Kelly to his bedroom and closed the door. She spun into him, holding him close and dug her nails into his back.

“Hey, mister,” she laughed, that intoxicating sound again. “There’s something wrong here. This poor, terrified, vulnerable half naked-maiden is at the mercy of the wicked man still fully clothed and about to do who knows what to this poor helpless girl.”

Ryan growled, deep in his throat, a sound that sent a thrill throughout Kelly’s body. “I know exactly what I’m going to do,” he laughed, “starting with lots of kisses.”

“Mmm, please,” she replied and Ryan heard the soft sounds of clothing being removed. He followed suit, then again held her close, the satin smoothness of her body moulding into him, as if they had both been sculpted as one individual.

Kelly felt a need to explore Ryan’s body in the same way he had done to her. She stroked her hands over his chest and smoothly up and down his back, gently slapping the clenched cheeks of his arse. Ryan knew the power of tactile experience, both given and received, and he luxuriated in the heightened feeling of her hands over him and wanted it never to stop.

“Oh God, Kelly, I want you so much,” he whispered and she giggled in reply, “Mmm, yes, I can tell,” grinding her sex against his rigid, straining cock.

Suddenly, he swept her up in his arms, confidently moved to the bed and set her down in the middle.

“Quickly, Ryan, I can’t wait much longer. Please, you beautiful man, please make love to me—or take me any way you want. I don’t care if you only fuck me, I want you so much.”

“Me, too, Kelly; but I want you to enjoy it as much as I shall—and that might involve a little teasing.”

Ryan’s reward came from an erotic moan as Kelly writhed against him, making small sounds of delight. Ryan almost found himself in sensory overload as her body, soft yet firm in all the right places, worked its magic on him. He used his hands to explore her, to find those places that caused her to whimper and gasp with intense pleasure. And to visualise in his own unique way, how she looked in her passion.

Ryan kissed her face, feather light kisses that had Kelly seeking his mouth in reply. But he teased away from her, finding the soft, sensitive area at the base of her neck, kissing and licking as he went. Then he progressed down her body, running his tongue around her crinkled areolas and then biting into her hard nipples, causing Kelly to scream.

“Oh Ryan, I don’t think I can take too much more of this bliss. I want you now—please don’t keep me on edge like this; it’s more than a poor simple girl like me can stand.” A throaty chuckle rather spoiled this last appeal and she dug her nails hard into his shoulders.

Suddenly, Ryan broke the contact and swore loudly.

“Ryan, honey, what’s the matter?” Kelly imagined all sorts of crises.

“Umm, I’m so sorry, Kelly, but we can’t go any further; I’m out of condoms.”

Her response was unexpected. Kelly laughed, a warm seductive sound, “Thank you, Ryan, but don’t worry; I’m on the pill and I finished about two days ago, so I’m about as safe as it’s possible to be. Now shut up and fuck me,” she giggled.

Ryan sighed in relief, knowing he could now storm her last bastion; one more sweet conclusion to reach. He ran his tongue along her sweet moist lips, at the same time experiencing the supreme aphrodisiac—the aroma of a highly aroused woman. This potent and intense perfume caused his lips to seek its source and his tongue stroked between Kelly’s inner lips, now open like the petals of a flower.

Kelly had never experienced such intense and almost overpowering sensations, multiplied hugely as Ryan’s tongue found her sweet butterball protruding resolutely from its sheath. She could feel her climax building in a demanding crescendo as she pulled his head into her, trying to bury it inside the centre of her pleasure. Kelly alternated cries to God and screaming Ryan’s name as she trembled on the brink. And then he bit gently into her clitoris. Kelly gave an ear-splitting scream and catapulted over the edge into a mind-blowing orgasm that sent cascades of stars, lightning, ethereal music and endless love through her whole body.

Ryan held her close as she came down from her high, whispering softly to her.

“Ryan,” she said with great tenderness, “you did that for me; now it’s my turn to repay you. I want you inside me so I can give you the pleasure that you gave me. How do you want me?”

“Oh God, Kelly, feeling you and hearing you explode like that is almost enough. Almost, but not quite,” he laughed. “Please straddle me, cowgirl fashion; I want to know that you can see me as you ride me into ecstasy.”

Kelly growled in excitement and took his rigid, straining cock in her hand, squeezing him firmly and causing Ryan to moan and demand her body. “Impatient, aren’t you?” she teased, then bent and wrapped her lips around the head of his cock, before running her wet, clinging mouth up and down his shaft.

Ryan thought all his birthdays had come at once. “Oh God, Kelly, that is so … I can’t … please you beautiful witch, please let me into you. I need you so much.” Kelly gave him one more lick, and then moved slightly to kiss his mouth deeply. She swung one leg over his body, positioning herself over his cock that Ryan felt might explode any minute.

Kelly held him firmly in place as she lowered herself slowly, savouring the delicious sensation of her vagina being penetrated. She realised that his size, although not enormous, would be just right to give her the ride of her life. She had never known quite how good it felt to be so full of cock, and bracing herself on Ryan’s chest, started driving up and down on his embedded pole.

Ryan almost believed that he had died and gone to heaven, his cock sheathed in a hot, wet, clinging tunnel, and he added his thrusts to Kelly’s eagerness. Their mutual enthusiasm rose in moans of lust and excitement and Kelly screamed as she felt her climax coming nearer. For Ryan, the electric tingle that started in his abdomen expanded to his balls, and he too knew he would cum very soon.

Eros must have been watching over them, for with screams of passion and release, their orgasms arrived together. Kelly dug her nails into Ryan’s chest sobbing and gasping, and Ryan dug his fingers into her firm tits as his orgasm boiled up in a magic sensation just this side of pain. He came copiously, feeling Kelly shuddering against him.

As they both came down from their orgasmic high, Kelly rolled off him, then snuggled close alongside a grinning Ryan. “You not only look like the cat who got the cream but also the one who cornered the market in cream futures,” she laughed. His reply was a deep, passionate kiss.

Then Ryan turned towards Kelly, saying, “You never did tell me why you came to my place originally. What did you want to see me about?”

“Oh dear,” Kelly laughed again, this time with a touch of embarrassment. “I only wanted to know;” here she kissed him, “what day,” kiss, “to put out,” kiss, “the rubbish bins.” She finished in a rush and another kiss.

“I see,” replied Ryan, “Well, it’s T” kiss, “U” kiss, “E” kiss, “S” kiss, “have you got the message yet?”

“Oh no,” Kelly laughed, “I need all the information.”

“Hmm, okay, D,” kiss, “A” kiss, “Y”, kiss. These last two kisses caused Kelly to gasp as he planted one firmly on each nipple.

Eventually Kelly needed to leave. “Ryan, this has been so wonderful, but I really do have to go. I promised Mum I’d call round to see her this evening after her operation. It was only a minor one, but I did promise. If you are still interested, I’d really like to …”

He let her get no further. “Wow, Kelly, a few hours ago, I didn’t even know you existed. Now I can’t get you out of my head. I’d really like it if we could spend some time getting to know each other, not simply busting the bed springs. So yes, I am definitely still interested.”

She held Ryan closely and kissed him gently. “Ooh yes, that sounds good. Tell you what, can I be cheeky and suggest that I come here tomorrow evening and cook you a meal in your own kitchen?”

“Six thirty sound okay?” he returned the kiss. “But one condition; you will need to bring a treat for Betsy. She loves dried pigs ears!”

Their laughter continued as they dressed and moved back into the lounge to be greeted by a soft “wuff” from Betsy.

“’Bye, Ryan, honey, see you tomorrow. And I’ll see you too, Betsy, you pig fancier,” and she scratched the dog behind her ears to the rhythmic thumping of her tail.


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