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Why not? Anyone can have a chat show with a webcam?

        "So, do you enjoy playing an action hero?" Muzzy leans forward
      and gives a big smile.

        "I don't like being topless on your webcam. What the Hell kind
      of a show is this?"  Miley Cyrus fidgets in her fishnet body stocking.
      "And I'm not an action hero! I'm a singer!" She flicks her hair and rolls
      her eyes.

          "Have some of my peace pipe. I'm a goodwill representative for the
      United Nations." Muzzy hands his peace pipe to Miley. She coughs
      out the smoke.

          "Do you have any thoughts?" Muzzy continues as Miley sucks on
      his pipe. Miley stands up from her bean bag and starts to dance in a
      circle. Muzzy beats a small drum with his right hand.

          "I'm a bird." Miley says in a high voice and extends her arms.
      "I think Hollywood is making too many movies about lone vigilantes.
      What is your opinion?" Muzzy queries.

          "Beep!" Miley chirps and spins about with her arms extended.
      "This is an American narcissism; that one man can change the
      injustices of the world. First there was the tribal God, then the
      transcendent personal God of Buddha, Jesus and John Smith's Mormons.
      Are you religious?" Muzzy raises one eye brow as Miley suckles
      on the peace pipe.

          "Oh-my-God. I love your peace pipe." Miley is humping her pillow.
      "Do you think Mitt Romney is the Avatar, Christ reborn?" Muzzy asks.
      But, Miley is clawing at the smoke, trying to inhale it. Muzzy scratches
      some more peyote into the peace pipe. "This peace pipe is protected
      under the freedom of religion act in our Bill of Rights." Muzzy hands the
      refreshed pipe back to the pop star. Miley giggles, like a school on Christmas.
      "I am a member of the Moron tribe of Maine." Muzzy expounds.
          "Would you like some Coca~Cola?" Muzzy pours out two glasses.
      Miley guzzles her soda. "Did you know that the Coca~Cola company is the
      largest producer of cocaine in the world? The cocaine is distilled in the brewing
      of coco leaves and then sent off to pharmaceutical companies. Coca~Cola
      used to sell their soda with the cocaine in it." Muzzy smiles at his guess
      and squirts some whip cream in her mouth.

            "Ya-Ya-Ra-Ra!" Miley shouts.

      "Your not Lady Ga Ga." Muzzy wags his finger.

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