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by Jezri
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Dee is addicted to the Internet and Farmville. John is addicted to somethig else.
By Lisa McCourt Hollar

Sitting down at her computer, Dee yawned, trying to see the screen. Taking a long sip of her coffee, she blinked a few times, clearing her vision, the typed in her password, logging into Facebook. The top of the screen said she had twenty-seven messages.

“Those can wait,” she thought. Glancing at the time on the bottom of the screen, her stomach lurched; she’d overslept!

“Please don’t let me be too late,” she pleaded with the internet god’s. Clicking a few buttons she found herself on her farm. The image of perfectly grown corn met her eyes.

John F used unwither on your crops.

Who the hell is John F? Dee wondered. She had her own stash of unwither, but she tried not to use it if necessary; only for emergencies; unwither was expensive and David didn’t like it when she spent his money on her farm. This would have been one of those times, so whoever John F was, he had done her a solid.

Once she was finished harvesting, Dee planted more corn… she needed to make her goal for the brewery, then she fed the pigs, milked the cows, collected truffles, saved a lost cat and a turtle and built a barn.

“Mommy, I’m hungry.”

“Get some cereal, Jeanie, mommy’s busy.”

Dee looked over her stats one last time. It looked like everything was in order. She had a few hours before her crops would be ready to harvest, time to go into town. Logging out of Farmville she clicked onto The Ville.

She had gifts to accept…

“Mommy, we don’t have any milk.”

“Eat the damn stuff dry then!”

She was in the process of making cookies when a ding indicated she had a message. Minimizing her screen she saw it was from John Franks.


Hi, she typed back. Thank you for saving my crops.

You would do the same for me.

No, not really, Dee thought. Of course, she typed instead.

Thank you for accepting my friend request last night.

Dee didn’t remember accepting it, but she must have. She’d been up until 3 am, and her eyes were quite heavy by the time she went to bed.

“Mommy, I’m hungry.”

“There is bologna in the fridge, make a sandwich.”

“The bologna’s all gone.”

“Then get a hotdog. Just leave mommy alone. I’m busy.”


“I said, leave me alone!”

Dee turned her eyes back to the screen.

Are you there?

I’m sorry, she typed, I had to take care of my daughter.

Little ones are always such fun.

Yes, mine is adorable. Dee glanced over at her daughter and grimaced. Her long hair was a tangled mess and she was covered from head to toe in dirt.

My wife works all day, so I am a stay at home dad.

Probably a bum, Dee thought. How nice, she typed.

Yes, but it gets lonely.

Dee had to agree, it did. Was he hitting on her? Hovering over his name, she clicked the link to his profile. Holy crap, he was hot.

Something crashed in the kitchen. Jumping up, Dee ran to see what had happened. Jeanie sat on the floor, surrounded by the top shelf of the refrigerator. “Damn it, Jeanie, can’t you do anything right?”

It took Dee an hour to clean the floor up. She would have let it go, but David didn’t like coming home to a messy house. Finished, she sat back down at the computer. John was gone. Dee sighed. If he was hitting on her, it was probably for the best. Dismissing the conversation, she logged into her farm. The rest of the day was spent doing her chores.

David came home and cooked dinner and gave Jeanie a bath. Then he put their daughter to bed before coming out and standing over Dee.

“Dinner was great dear,” she said, taking a bite of the pork and then clicking on another square in her field, planting tulips this time.
“I’m cancelling the internet.”

“The hell you will!”

“You’re neglecting Jeanie. And I shouldn’t have to work all day and then come home and do the housework.”

Dee didn’t answer, choosing to block him from her mind and concentrate on her farm.

“If things don’t change, I’m taking Jeanie and leaving.”

After he left the room, Dee cried. She knew he wasn’t joking. He would cancel the internet, then what would she have in her life?

A small chime indicated she had a message. It was John. She spent the next several hours talking to him. He was sympathetic. His wife had taken his internet too, but he’d figured out a way to piggyback off of the neighbors. He sent her detailed instructions on how to do that.

Days turned into weeks. David was true to his word. He took Jeanie, but Dee barely noticed. It wasn’t until the electricity was shut off that she even cared. She was crying in the dark when there was a knock on her door.

“Can I help you?” She asked.
“May I come in?”

“John… how did you find me?”

“I always knew where you were. I just needed to wait until you were ready.”

“Ready for what?” Dee stepped back nervously, allowing him into her home. “You look different. In your profile picture you look so tan.”

“And in yours you look thin… younger.”

“It’s from high school.”

“Mine is from when I was alive.”

“Excuse me?”

“It’s not that easy finding the kind of blood I like. Despair, it adds a distinctive flavor to it that is intoxicating. I’m quite addicted to it.”


“Then I found that lonely housewives could be manipulated, especially lonely housewives addicted to Facebook games.”

“John, what the hell are you talking about?”

“This, my dear.” John smiled, revealing sharp fangs. Dee stared, transfixed. “I’ve spent the last several months making sure you would be ready to harvest. Now be still, dear. I’m hungry and it’s time for me to claim my reward.”

Word Count: 999
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