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Dolphins and Humans share gentic-make up. This is not all, there is more .
Dolphins and Humans are from the same
Evolutionary Tree

Scientists proved that dolphins and humans are from the same evolutionary tree. Dolphins, these beautiful, loveable, intelligent creatures are marine mammals, and there are forty types of them worldwide, mostly in shallow parts of oceans or rivers.
In fact, dolphins and humans are inseparable. There are many documented account about dolphins saving the lives of shipwrecked sailors by taken their unconscious body to the safety of land. Dolphins are our cousins and the legend has it that once upon time, they used to live with humans on island of Atlantis side by side. On those days dolphins used to have couple of arms, two legs, as well as fins. Around 3 to 9 million years ago, dolphins for some unknown reason moved into the water. Since there was no need for arms and legs, the future generations lost them, and became aquatic. This gracious species has a higher IQ than the rest of humans. It could be because dolphin’s brains are much larger than other mammals. English Pravda quotes from Guermon Gracher a German author’ Professor Pottman at the Baset Institute of zoology (Switzerland) came up with a scale of measuring intellect. A human being (24 points, professor pottman does not explain the experiment) was found to be the smartest creature of all. A dolphin was the winner with 195 point.’ (Gracher, English Pravda)
Dolphins are the first creatures to establish conscious, logic, and reasoning. Inside the dolphins brain is a chamber that indicates abstract thoughts and achieving the state of meditation. Humans believe to be the crown of creation because of their power of reasoning and communication. Gracher writes about John Lilly (an American neurophysiologist) that performed an interesting experiment that has an astonishing result. Gracher quotes from Lilly,” (1) dolphins are the first living creatures on earth to establish conscious contact with human beings. (2) that is why dolphins have a large brain with cerebral cortex. (3) A complex language an ability to communicate displaying quickness of intelligence. (4) Dolphins brain and human’s brain have similar characteristics. (5) Dolphins are superior to human race.’ ( Gracher, English Pravda)
Like humans dolphins live socially within a group. They are capable of showing their emotions by shedding tears or laughing. The female dolphins give birth to their babies by aid of other experienced female dolphins just like humans.
Truly, it has established that dolphins and humans share intelligence and friendship, but new research reveals more information. Seema Kumar from Discovery channel on line writes, “in fact, researchers at Texas A& M University have found that the genetic make-up of dolphins is amazingly similar to humans.” (Kumar, Peterson.com) In recent study by the marine biologists, Peterson adds, “the scientists found out those 13 out of 22 dolphins chromosomes are exact match of those human chromosomes.” (Peterson, Perterson.com)
Dolphins and humans are both sea creatures. The human infants can swim in the water before, they can walk on land. There is a fascination for both species with water. It seems that water decreases the heart rate and relaxes as soon as the body makes contact with water. The main difference between dolphins and humans is that dolphins cannot see 10-15 meters ahead of them even in crystal clear water. They heavily relay on their ears to bounce the echo back to them. But humans can use the latest under water technology to increase their eye sight under water. Recently with the aid of underwater gadgets, divers can dive to depth of 500 below the mysterious ocean. However, there is always exception in nature. Peterson writes, “The infamous free style diver, Jacque Mayol, was able to plunge to depth over 100 meters diving in a single held breath. Mayol believes that dolphins were a source of inspiration to him.” (Peterson, Peterson.com)
Unfortunately, dolphin’s lives are being treated by over fishing and its population is decreasing due to release of high dosage of PcBs. Kumar writes,” PcBs impair the immune systems of dolphins, leaving them vulnerable to diseases.” (Kumar, Peterson.com)
Finally, something must be done to persuade the government to help our friends. People must get involve more seriously about reducing ocean pollution and keeping environment clean. Please write, call, or E-Mail your representative and urge them to force the government to combat the giant chemical industries to clean up their mess without any coast to the citizens or government. After all dolphins and humans are from the same evolutionary tree. Whatever affects their death will affect humans as well.
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