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by voland
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what is life? is there any meaning? why are we?
life. i dare say that the hardest question is the question of life.what is the point of anything?
life is like floating on a boat in the middle of some sea or better yet an ocean. you don't know where you are nor why you are.constantly looking for land, but you never find it. and if you see some thing or some one it is an illusion.
sometimes the weather is good but some times there is a storm( here i am indicating that you have good times and bad ones) until you fall off-die.

but that can't be it, can it?
destiny, faith, hope, humanity, coincidence- its all so twisted and complicated. maybe, my search for an answer is an illusion, or my assumption that it cannot and could not be answer an illusion.

if everything is an illusion, what is behind that? or if questions are illusions. nothingness. perhaps. if this is true, illusion is not the proper word for life. but is there such a word? it would be a never ending battle over semantics.

there is nothing. or there is. it is the same.
the only way to answer this question properly is by being out of life. being objective of life. but seeing that we are all living it, it is impossible.

there is nothing. or there is. it is the same.
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