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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Relationship · #1886598
Rewrite of QuietLove's story, "Ugly Duckling" (item #1882539) With her full approval
(Dedicated to QuietLove)

Best read in conjunction with QuietLove's story "Invalid Item

The lake shone in the late afternoon light. The group was really moving; great music and enough bottles to get us really mellow. The music and the drinks had me feeling hot and I scanned the crowd for my next target. Laying by the water’s edge in a little pink bikini was a delicious morsel of femininity. Her bikini’s colour had a nice effect against her light brown skin, and while it covered the essentials, it revealed much that needed further examination. She must have seen me staring as she turned her gaze away and lay back down.

I keep myself pretty fit; lean with good muscle tone, and previous girlfriends have talked about my sexy lips and smiling green eyes. I don’t play on that too much, but here was an opportunity to get with a lovely young girl. I walked over and stood in the way of her sunshine. She opened her eyes and lifted her shades.

“Hey.” I said, my gaze roaming her body, then resting on her lips.


“Want to make out?” My smile grew.

“No, I’m good.” I could see her sweet body tense; probably nervous. Of course she wanted to make out; I just had to persuade her.

“Really? You sure?”

“Yep, but looks like she wants to,” she nodded toward a pretty blond who was unashamedly undressing me with her eyes.

“Oh come on, she’s the ugly duckling compared to you,” I laughed and I reached my hand toward her. In spite of herself, maybe, she took it.

We walked to the lake still holding hands.

“I bet you look good wet,” I said just before lightly pushing her in.

She took me with her and a water fight ensued. My hands seemed to always find their way to her hips. Hers grasped my arms. I lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist. Suddenly all laughter and teasing stopped. The moment was so intense that my entire body ached.

The sun had set some time ago and it was almost completely dark. Without a word we pulled away and returned to the group. A fire blazed and marshmallows were being devoured. I sat down on a log and she sat in my lap. She made a marshmallow and ate it suggestively. Something about her stirred me up. She seemed like a fun, crazy, silly girl, and my touch was clearly having a very stimulating effect on her. I wanted her to have fun and live a little on the wild side. I gave me a look aimed at suggesting that she was the sexiest girl on earth, something to be desired. My hand rubbed her leg and she ran her hands along my chest. We sat like that, tangled up in each other. It was flirtatious, different, and totally awesome.

I was quiet when we all left the lake although I told a friend that I’d be at the lake the next day, and she must have heard before she drove home alone.

I turned when I heard a soft southern accent, a warm voice that sent a tickle along my spine. This was the blond we’d seen earlier appraising me. “I’m so glad you’ll be here tomorrow,” she said and she ran her finger down my chest, giving me a sensuous look that offered an exciting invitation. “I saw you with your young friend in the pink bikini. I think I can offer you something more than the little girl,” she laughed and brushed her hand lightly over my rapidly growing erection.

“Wow,” was about all I could manage and she gave a deep, sexy laugh before blowing me a kiss and sashaying away.

I got to the lake a little late the next day and my blond friend was already there, waiting. We started to talk about lots of things, often leading down suggestive paths. I could see that she was up for it, but while she smiled, a sudden look of apprehension crossed her face.

She nodded towards another girl who had suddenly appeared; “pink bikini girl”. I glanced her way and smiled at my new friend, saying, “Don’t worry about her, she’s the ugly duckling compared to you.”


I saw them smiling and I could just barely read his lips, though I didn’t really need to.

‘…she’s the ugly duckling,’

I stumbled away through hazy tears of rejection and humiliation. I didn’t care where I was going and bumped into a stranger.

“Hey, honey, I like being bumped into by someone as nice as you,” a soft, deep warm voice came from a beautifully ugly guy. A mop of curly brown hair over a face where his nose had been badly broken and a scar close to the corner of one eye made him look totally inquisitive. But those eyes. Deep, dark soft, sweet pools that I could drown in. And those lips; warm, mobile and totally asking to be kissed.

“Hey, you look upset; if you’d like to talk, I’m a good listener. How about we walk for a while?” He took my hand in his warm strong hand and we walked. I told him my whole story, and he was just right; sympathetic and supportive. He let me know that I was okay and that he’d really like to get to know me even better.

In his company, I started to feel the “ugly duckling” melt away to be replaced by a beautiful swan.
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