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Phoenix starts thinking about all he needs to get done and borders on being overwhelmed...
The first day of school for his city's district.  Phoenix, due to the parking fiasco that always occurred, decided not to move his truck by going to the coffee shop to study this morning.  He still had his parking spot.  Sometimes, it was the little things in life that counted.  Phoenix sat at his desk thinking about what he should do next.  Then it hit him.  There was a pile of stuff to work on and get done that he could and should do.

Included in this pile of things to do was his medical school application, e-mails to the college faculty that he needed to write letters of recommendation for him, his thesis literature review, his research question, his Spanish studies for when he did get into medical school in Guadalajara, his exercise for the day, working on his artwork, playing his guitar, picking up his friend after his appointment with his doctor...  Phoenix felt defeated.  How could he ever get all of that done?  There were a few things that could be eliminated from the list, but those were things that provided a break from the harder, more essential work.  Phoenix was glad that he had an appointment with his doctor today.  That was hard work, but Phoenix always felt better when he saw his doctor, no matter how hard the work in session was.

So how do you prioritize all of this?  That was the million dollar question for Phoenix.  He could use the hit and miss method and see how much he could get done based on how he felt, but somehow, he had a feeling that he would not be very productive using that approach.  He could choose the most pressing and do that first, followed by the second most pressing, and so on.  That would not be a bad way to organize.  These things did not have hard, fast deadlines, though.  Drat!  Not that Phoenix minded not having a hard, fast deadline to miss with any of this.  There were still two weeks between today and the first day of college classes.  Master of Science in Psychology.  That is what Phoenix would have when he was finished with this year of classes and his thesis.  Hopefully, by that time, he would be preparing to move to Guadalajara for medical school and would know enough Spanish to get him through the ordeal.  How, then, would he translate it all into English for the USMLE?  That was a question yet to be answered, yet to be worried about, and yet to be considered because it was down the road farther than Phoenix could plan right now.  He had to organize the next two weeks first!  Back to that proposition, Phoenix thought of other ways to prioritize his tasks.  He could choose a period of time and spend an equal amount of time each day on each task.  That may or may not work because some things just take longer, and some things are much more enjoyable than others.  He could, however, schedule everything in doing it that way, and then nothing would be left out.  Time would be made for everything.  Phoenix decided that this would be the best approach to organizing his plan of attack.  Now...how long a period of time should he spend on each task?  This was the next challenge Phoenix had to face.
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