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by Jai
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This is a small piece of my writing as a beginner of this website.
In early 70’s, 25th of October 1973 to be exact the landscapes of the whole entire earth, got cut into pieces forming more than 7 continents worldwide. Then and there, as continents began to isolate in distant areas, one remarkably enormous united country floated apart. The Homo sapiens, who belonged to this environmental friendly Unitethomia, gained their currencies with their highest efforts in the field of agriculture at an international scale. They were famous as “the mother of farming”. This would be obvious due to their very first footsteps being launched on top of the most exotic country with natural wonders highlighted all over the universe.

This 2,700,020 square kilometers lengthened country had beautiful crystal white sand, and aquatic under world where diamond like dusks are seen when sunlight hits the sea. The citizens named them as, "Shimmering maritime”. This one beach was elongated till the end of the country, as this was the only country with merely one town in which deserved the name of the beloved kingdom. This habitation was not only popular from land background, but in women’s outlook too.

Those women were famous with the look of Arabian fair skin and hour glass shaped body. Miserably, they had a dark side of prostitution, in which they got proficient in the path of pleasing the international guests who visited for essential conferences. Their most gratifying meals include, beef, chicken, fish and various species of birds. Anything except for ham and pork as to them, its side effects were unhealthy in their religious observation. Their cultural skill includes the field of art in various directions such as, pottery art, poetry art, interior designing, graffiti and many more.

In this fairytale land, their lived a family, filled with poorness and misery due to the loss of their father at an early age. Their mother died when they were 18 and half years old. Elisha Emette and Emina Emette both came to the world on 5th of August 1989 at a midnight in a car. They came along in the middle of an accident where their own father died. Luckily, their mother Mrs. Emette survived, although had a disability of smelling ever since.

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