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by druid
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Erotic vignette
The loud insistent chirping of the alarm clock wakes me and I reach over you and tap the clock to stop it. I know it's woken you, but you still have your eyes closed. I grin, watching your face as your eyes flicker open and you groan something unintelligible that is most probably a swear word. I stifle a chuckle with a hand over my mouth, and you give me a dirty look as you roll over and get out of bed. Okay, so you're not a morning person - I can live with that. As it happens, I think it's absolutely, utterly adorable, but the only time I'll ever admit that to you is when I want to tease you about it. You cross the room, bound for the bathroom for your shower.

I set the timer on the coffee machine last night, so your morning coffee will be ready by the time you get out of the shower. There are fresh croissants in the oven too, if I've managed to set the timer right for a change. In the meantime though, I have other plans.

I slip out of bed quietly, tiptoeing to the bathroom door which stands slightly ajar. I can hear the water as it hits the shower tray and the sudden change in the sound as you step in under the spray. I can hear the sound of the bottle of shower gel being snapped open and closed again. A vision of you lathering your soft, supple, naked body with the shower gel appears in my mind and I have a hard time remaining silent. I push the door open and step into the bathroom. You don't notice yet, and I watch you for a moment, as you scrub your slender, toned body with a cloth.

I step into the shower behind you and slip my arms around your waist. You freeze for a moment, surprised, then lean back into my arms, eyes closed. I gather handfuls of the soapy suds and begin to slowly, sensually lather your body. You moan softly, and your hand slides up my leg, cupping my balls before I pull it away in my own, something you are obviously not expecting, turning your head to look at me. I take you by the shoulders, turning you to face me and this time your hand succeeds and you begin to curl your fingers around my growing erection. Oh, I want to let you... I'd almost do anything right now but this morning isn't about me. I take your hands gently in mine and place them on my shoulders. Kissing you hard on your soft warm lips and sucking your bottom lip as I pull away, I slowly move down your body, trailing kisses down your neck, across your breasts, flicking my tongue over your nipples in turn, sucking them into my hot mouth briefly, and continuing downward, leaving light open-mouthed kisses down your flat tummy, and sinking to my knees in front of you as my lips explore your glorious body.

Sliding my hand down the back of your left thigh, I lift your leg, placing it on my right shoulder and begin to kiss the damp, silky skin of your thigh. Slowly, I trail my lips up your thigh, nibbling lightly, occasionally dragging my teeth over a sensitive area... I look up and your eyes are closed as you lean back against the shower wall, the water cascading down over your hair, your face, neck, breasts... I groan softly at the sight, leaning into you, pressing my parted lips hard against your shaved pussy in a kiss, then sliding my tongue slowly upward over your lips, probing softly with the tip, slowly opening you up, tasting your increasing wetness, not only due to the shower now, closing my eyes and slipping my tongue slowly into your wetness, deep, as deep as I can reach, fucking you with my extended, pointed tongue as you writhe above me, arching your back and pushing down onto my tongue, my mouth.

Slipping my tongue from you, I flick it upwards to catch your clit, peeking out from under it's hood and teasing it with the wet tip of my tongue, reveling in your moans as they grow louder and louder. Sliding two fingers inside your pussy, dripping now from both the water and your own excitement, I begin to fuck you with my fingers while I continue to tease your clit, and going further... wetting my lips with your juices, pressing my lips against you and sucking your clit between them, encouraged by every moan, every cry of pleasure, every scream from your lovely lips. Your body begins to buck against the shower wall as you climb towards orgasm and I continue mercilessly finger fucking you, and sucking on and teasing your clit. Suddenly your heel hits my back hard driving me forward against you and you throw your head back, screaming in your orgasm as your body is wracked with spasms of pleasure.

As your orgasm subsides, I gently lower your leg to the ground and stand up, pulling your shaking body into my arms, holding you, rocking you gently... stroking your hair, your neck, your back and shoulders. As you slowly calm down and your pounding heartbeat returns to normal, I ease from your arms and climb out of the shower as I hear the "ding" of the oven timer. I turn back to you, wink, and say my first words of the morning to you.

"Good morning darling. Coffee and croissants for breakfast. See you downstairs".

I grin and walk out of the bathroom.
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