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We should all be so skeptical.. Right?

        "It's a nightmare . I can't shake. Haven't you ever thought about
        all the tiny living organism inside you? What if there was an intelligence
        behind them? Maybe, something evil wants to eat me from inside out?"
        Histriani voice was breaking as she fidgeted with her Rosary.

        Doctor Richard Dawkins made some notes on his i-pod.
        "Histriani, I'm honored that you would come to me with your most
        intimate questions, but I am not a psychiatrist. All I can say is
        that our bodies are organic machines that have evolved through
        natural selection. We are alive, because our bodies want to live."
        The good doctor gave a gentle smile.

        "I didn't mean to impose, but have you noticed those little
        Demons dancing just at the corner of your eyes?
        I see them and when I turn to look directly at them there gone.
        Could that be a parasite on my eye?"
        Histriani rubbed her eyes and said more prayers with her Rosary.

        "You need therapy." Dr. Dawkins replied and handed his frirend
        the number of a psychiatrist. Histriani's hand trembled as she took
        the note paper. .. "People can believe anything. The question shouldn't
        be can you believe it, but what evidence do you have to prove it."
        The good doctor continued and held her hand as she slowly rose
        from the chair.

        He turned to guide her the door of his office and she screamed.
        Blocking the door was a giant spider it had the head of a snake.
        Doctor Dawkins fumbled with his desk phone and pressed the

                      "Miss Hawigans! I need security in my office now!"

        Richard and Histriani clutch each other in terror as the apparition
        slowly faded away. Security burst in to find the good doctor and
        friend madly kissing in a love embrace. A security officer cleared
        his throat. "Oh, thank God! There was a terrible spider at my door,
        but you've chased it off. Thank you so very much." Dr. Dawkins smiled
        with his face covered in Histriani's lipstick.

        "There you see?" Histriani smiled and wiped her lipstick off the good
        doctor's face. "Yes. Whatever that was; we both saw it. That is proof.
        But, of what? Perhaps, a shared hallucination?" he said with a troubled
        expression. "I must go. I need to enter the final programs for the Mars
        explorer: Curiosity. I should not say this, but I feel there are ghost on
        Mars that do not want us there." Histriani kissed the good doctor and
        left. "What a curious woman." Dr Dawkins smirked and lay down on
        his couch for a nap. There was a small spider's web in the corner of the
        ceiling. The doctor sprung from his couch and headed back to his
        apartment. "I'm not pushing my luck." he said as he put on his cap.

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