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He promised to return to me when Winter came around, it's now spring and I'm still alone.
Warm, strong arms would wrap around my smaller frame, pulling me close to the muscled chest that I've come to love over the passing few months. The sound of the wind whipping across the sides of the house or against the windows would always cause me to cringe, and no matter the time of the night...he'd come to comfort me.

"Minho...I love you."

I spoke up softly while wrapped up in his embrace, breathing in his intoxication scent. The older boy tensed at my words, why though?
There had been many times where he'd say how much he loved me, how he wished to never have to leave my side when a certain day comes. As I awaited his reply, he shifted slightly so that our chests weren't touching and his hands rested gently on my hips, hips thumbs circling over the bone.

"Taemin...try and get some sleep."

Those were the only words he spoke. I'm not sure if that was a rejection or not because he pulled me back to his warm, comforting chest and continued to circle his thumbs over my hips. Was that it? Oh how I wanted to speak up, to demand an explanation for why he didn't return my confession...yet I couldn't.

The morning sun has now rose and a few golden rays slipped through the window shades and beamed across the room, and lit up the room. I stirred in my sleep at the sudden light and cold bed. My eyes fluttered open only to find no one in the bed with me. He was gone. Was that his answer? Did Choi Minho really decide to leave me alone?

Each question I asked myself began to eat at me as I sat up, rummaging through the covers to find at least some sort of evidence that he was still here. Possibly in the bathroom taking a shower...yet his clothes were gone. Maybe he was cooking breakfast? I couldn't help but laugh at the thought. If Choi Minho was cooking, the small house would have been in flames by now...besides I didn't even smell any sort of food. My heart suddenly dropped. No clothes, no note, no shower running, cold bed, no food being made. Minho had left me during the night, most likely when the wind had calmed itself to where I would have been able to tolerate it. Why though? Why did he leave?

5 years later.

"Tae- Taemin!"

Kibum's loud voice thundered throughout the house causing me to spill the mug full of hot chocolate all over the newly put carpet. Cursing under my breath I glanced up as the feline man came walking into the living room, holding a stack of white envelopes.

"Hyung...what are those?"

"A few letters from Jonghyun..but this one is addressed to you, from a Choi Sooyoung."

My heart clenched at the last name ; Choi. I hesitated taking the small white envelope and examined the name and address. Once Kibum had left the room, squealing about how Jonghyun was coming to visit, I ripped the envelope open and pulled out the small note.

'Lee Taemin,

Hello there. I'm pretty sure by the family name, you're guessing I'm related to Minho...we'll if that is what you're thinking...then you're right.
I'm Sooyoung, Minho's older sister. He's finally ready to meet you again...
come to the East Central Garden at 6:00 pm on 8/28/12. I'm...very sorry.


Wasn't the East Central Garden a .......no.


It was now 5:56 when I arrived at the large 'garden'. Wandering through the large area, I found a tall, beautiful brunette woman holding a bouquet of multicolored roses. Her eyes were glued onto a square shaped stone as she placed the flowers down and finally looked up in my direction. When our eyes met, she must have knew who I was because the poor lady broke down in tears.

"Oh miss!"
I rushed to her side, placing one around around her shoulder, the two of us shivering at the unwanted cold of Winter. Her body was trembling, from her tears and the chill air.

"I'm so sorry Taemin.."

She said Taemin, why'd she say my name? It only took me one glance at the stone to understand.
'Choi Minho died of Cancer. ( 1991-2012 )'

My heart instantly stopped, broken, shattered, fallen, died. How ever you wanted to describe the over flowing pain I felt at that moment, that was how I felt. The woman, Sooyoung had raised her head and apologized so many times...though he was crying over the loss of her family member, I wanted to tell the woman to shut up, to let me think.

"This is a joke!"

My voice suddenly found itself and rose at how MY Minho was here...under the earth during such a freezing season, dead. When Sooyoung didn't reply all I could find myself doing was standing up and running, running, and running. Where was I going? I'm not sure..I just needed to get away. As I stopped to catch my breath I finally noticed my surroundings. It was the house that Minho and I used to cuddle in on cold nights such as this. The yard was covered in thick snow, but I most certainly didn't care....

Fighting through the thick, white substance I grabbed a hold of the door handle and tugged on it hard. Once the door had given up and allowed me to enter, I made my way upstairs, stripping off an article of clothing along the way. Once I was in nothing but my boxers I crawled in the old, now dust covered bed and laid there, watching as more snow started to fall...as I let myself fall into a deep, dark sleep while the arms of my Minho were wrapped around me in an Ever lasting promise.

( Okaaay so I KNOW it's not good at all. I'm writing an EXO fic with my friend MaKii on another fanfic website. Nooow if no one knows who the beautiful Lee Taemin, Umma Kim Ki bum, Dino Kim Jonghyun, Charismatic Choi Minho, and lovely Choi Sooyoung I advise you to look them up because I freaking love them all ^.^

Hmm....I'm better at writing on AFF >.> )
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