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Kathryn is pursued down the alley, can she escape?
My scream rattled in the empty alley, bouncing on the graffiti-filled walls. My footsteps echoed as I ran, pacing my way into the blackness beyond, hurdling over obstacles, discarded cardboard boxes, litter. I swerved around a dumpster to my left and glanced back. His silhouette followed me down the alley. I could see nothing but his figure, but I knew that maniacal grin would still be pasted across his leather-worn face.

I panted hard, my breath ragged, chest heaving as I pelted. I vaulted a questionable looking lump and looked again. He was gaining. His breath plumed in the cold night air, wheezing. I knew he had asthma. Maybe this is my chance.

Pouring on the speed, I galloped, arms pumping as fast as my heart. My hair whipped out behind me in a brown cascade, swinging wildly with each step I took.

"Kathryn..." his voice taunted, ugly and crazy in the black. "I'm not going to hurt you."

My mind screaming as tears flew from my eyes, pulled back by the force. I brushed them away, irritated and glanced back once more. He was almost on me, giant hand extended, fingers hooked into gripping claws that leeched for a grasp upon my clothes. I shrieked, the high pitched noise sending a shock wave to my ear.

My mother had warned me about him but I didn't listen. Now I wish I had.

His fingers clawed at my back, sharp nails raking my skin. Another screech filled the lane. I was alone and petrified. Then, when I thought things couldn't get any worse, I saw a wall looming ahead of me, grey in the dusk. It was ten feet, at least. Shit. Even so, I knew it was my only chance. My legs burned and my arms pumped and just before I reached the decaying bricks that blocked my passage I leaped, throwing my body as high as I could, my fingers grasping for any hold.

I was flying, my body propelled through the air and then falling... falling... as my fingers caught nothing. Then, a hook. The tips of my fingers on the top of the wall. Yes! My hands were grappling for a better grip and just as I managed to put my right palm flat on the top of the wall, a heaving hulk from below weighted me down. His hands were wound around my ankles, clawing higher at my knees, my thighs.

I peered down. In the darkness I saw his black eyes, shining and malicious, and a foul grin encompassing whitened teeth.

"You're coming with me!" he hissed and pulled. I lost my purchase on the brick and felt myself fall, face scraping the rough wall as my hands scrabbled for anything. Anything that would save my life.

Twisting me over until I looked at him, once again I saw only a silhouette of his body, his face a mask of hideous evil as he leered at me.

"You should have listened to your momma, Kathryn." His leer grew wide as he pulled a long blade from his coat. It glinted in the dead of the night as my scream rang out for the last time.

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