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And we couldn't be happier..
              "I'm really worried about Henry. He just spends all his
        free time on his computer. Doesn't he have any friends?"
        Zoe gave gaga eyes to her husband. The old man ran his hand
        through his long gray beard as he read the Times. He stood up
        slowly and walked down the long creaking hallway to his son's

                "What are you up to boy?" the old man's voice grumbled
        as he entered the small room with one large paned glass window.
        "I'm building a virtual universe. I want to have some laws of physics,
        but most of it is chaotic. what-ya-think?" Henry leaned back and
        revealed a hologram of spinning galaxies. "Oh? Did you remember
        to balance the time continuum? It wont last long without that."
        The old man snorted a laugh and patted his son the back.
        "Oh-poke-me-with-a-stick! I almost forgot about that.
        But, look dad. There's a little speck of a blue planet with sentient
        intelligence. Maybe, they'll send me an e-mail?" Henry giggled.

                "Dinners ready!" Zoe shouted down the hall.

                "Probably pea soup again." the old man sighed.

                "Smells like chicken." Henry said and left his experiment to
                evolve and possibly think.

        Zoe brought out the bowl of soup with a big ladle and placed it in the
        center of the small round kitchen table.
        "I wish you start dating. You have to find a nice girl and make us
        some grandchildren." Zoe said to Henry as she spooned out his chicken
        soup. "Ma! I have an entire universe to design in my room. That's billions
        of grandchildren." Henry poked his spoon into his bowl and stirred.
        "Lunar is a nice girl. I've invited her to dinner" Zoe gave a Cheshire Cat smile.

                Lunar sat at the small round table sipping her soup with wide eyes.
        Henry continued to stir his soup. The old man read his Times and smoked
        his pipe. "Well, Lunar those are some pretty gold earrings." Zoe inquired.
        "Gold is very common actually, like diamonds the market is artificially
        inflated." Henry remarked. Lunar eyes looked over at Henry then back at
        Zoe as she sipped some tea.

                "Oh, Apollo. You are the light that brings life.
                You rise in the western heaven and take the cloth
                of darkness upon the land.
                The lion comes forth and the serpent is reborn
                with the shedding of skin.
                You create according to thy will; being alone in the
                heavens." Lunar made an incantation.

        The old man put down his paper and took a long sip of his tea.
        "Your one strange girl." he said squinting one eye at Lunar.
        Lunar smiled at the old man and bowed her head, shutting her eyes
        to reveal painted eyes. Zoe cleared her throat; "Would you two
        like to be alone?" She nodded at Henry.

                  Lunar and Henry sat silently sipping tea alone at the
        kitchen table. "Let's take a shower together." Lunar said excitedly.
        Her eyes were as wide as they could be. Henry choked a bit of tea.
        "Okay." he gasped. The two young lovers were playfully coupling
        in the bath shower next to the kitchen sink as Zoe cleaned the
        table. Zoe could see their feet and ankles behind the small encircling
        bath curtain. She smiled and took a sip of her son's tea.

                  "I suppose they'll be making another Godson."
        The old man snorted from his chair in the living room. He liked
        to smoke his pipe there and listen to the radio. Zoe sat down on the sofa
        and caught up on her Vanity magazines with some tea and biscuits.
        It was a very pleasant afternoon. . Masterpiece Theater played
        Chikoski Thunder Bay.

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