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Rated: 18+ · Editorial · Action/Adventure · #1888763
He made the funniest speech at the RNC!

        I saw my first Clint Eastwood movie at the Cambridge Freshpond Cinema:

                                      Any Which Way but Loose.

        I was in high school and my girl friend Virginia thought the orangutan
        looked like me. I was starting to bald. Any who, I really enjoyed the movie.
        And I thought Clint was very serious about his performance even when
        the orangutan kissed him. I saw the westerns on channel 56 Sunday matinee
        movies. I liked: Two Mules for Sister Sara. The spaghetti westerns were
        fun too.

                          So this really old guy walks out to speak at the
                                    Republican National Convention
                        and its Clint Eastwood/Gran Torino grumpy old guy.

          I laughed and my Coca~Cola flew out my nose.
          This has to be a SNL sketch.
          But, if you think it through. Isn't the Republican party the angry old white
          guy party?
          Ban abortions! And cut welfare! And stop affirmative action!
          These kids nowadays ~ in my day we just made a lot of bastards and
          got a second job!
          Muzzy stares at an empty chair where Clint could be sitting and wonders
          does he wear diapers?
          So, Clint where are all the factory jobs gone?
          "Those God damn spicks!" Dirty Harry might say.
          But, don't we need stronger immigration legislation?
          Oh? The factories have been moved to Mexico for cheaper labor.
          Ah-so. The problem isn't poor Mexicans.
          The problem is greedy corporations.. You want me to what?
          I can't do that.
          "Tell the shit shoveling super-packs to shove it?"
          Mr. Eastwood everyone has a right to be heard even the Republican plutocrats
          behind 2016/Obama.
          Let us say a prayer that no one finds that article on Mitt Romney's love child.
          Because when Mitt was a teenager in Mexico he liked the Mexican girls very
          much. Is Mitt Mexican?
          His family is from Mexico. Hmm.
          What's that Clint?
          You have to change your diaper?
          Okay, you can take a nap.

          It just gets stranger and stranger.

          This has been a Muzzy announcement.

          7 x 70
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1888763