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Rated: E · Sample · Fanfiction · #1889088
(Just a small part of a novelization I'm doing for MOTHER 1)
         I woke up with a yawn. I opened my eyes reluctantly, wanting to sleep for a few more hours. Unfortunately, I had finals to study for. Despite the fact that all I wanted to do was go outside and play, I'd much rather NOT take 9th grade again. 

It was somewhat rough at school today. I had finals, so I'm sure you could imagine being tired after that, or maybe being so bored that you couldn't help but pass out. As a matter of fact, I fell asleep studying for more finals I had tomorrow...the logical sleeping spot being a chair.

         So thirsty...I crawled out of my chair and onto the soft yellowish carpet of my room. I just lay there for a minute or so before pulling myself up to my feet. I checked my alarm clock real quick. It was 5 p.m. Well that's good, its only been around an hour and a half. Rubbing my eyes and grumbling about a glass of water, I walked up to my door and...

              I toppled to the floor, hissing in pain, trying hard not to yell. After cautiously crawling back to my feet, I placed a hand gently to the back of my head. I felt something sticky. I moaned in pain and jerked it back, pulling my hand back to look at my fingers.  They were stained with red. Oh god, I'm bleeding...but I didn't see anyone in the room when I woke up though, so how did this happen? I turned around to look for the culprit responsible. The room seemed normal enough...except for the lamp...which was flying on its own!?

          "What the heck is going on!?" I managed to take my confused little mind off of the pain for a moment to gawk at the lamp. The lamp moved around a little, trying to get used to flying, then charged at me once again, with the bottom of its blue base pointed towards my head once again.. I ducked down, hearing a loud thud as it hit my door. The lamp flew back up towards the ceiling, hovering around erratically.

         I was terrified; who wouldn't be scared of their lamp suddenly gaining sentience and start trying to kill him? I couldn't try to stop it when it was hovering above my reach, so I focused my mind on the lamp. It immediately started falling at a slow but steady pace. The lamp seemed to hiss at me as it came closer to me. When it was close enough for me to reach it, I grabbed and smashed the demonic light source against my wall. It shattered into a dozen pieces, but there wasn't any way I was staying in this room with a killer lamp, for all I know, it could come back to life and try to stab me with its shattered body. I threw open the door, ran out, and closed it. This was way too freaky for me, so I attempted to  call out to my Mom. However, before I could do so, I was interrupted by a loud and dread-filled scream that came from a door on my right.

         Oh no, not Minnie...She was one of my sisters, a seven year old, about six years younger than me. “Hang on, Minnie!!” As I started running to the door, I used my mind to open it, and jumped inside. Minnie was trying to dodge another lamp, which was stabbing at her with its power cord. “Leave her alone!!” I yelled out angrily, and followed up by tackling it to the ground. The lamp simply took its cord and wrapped it around my neck. It flew out from my arms, and pulled as hard as it could.  I tried grabbing the cord and pulling the lamp back, but by then, I had become too weak. So this is how it ends...choked to death by my sisters lamp...

            “NINTEN!!!” I heard Minnie yell out, before I saw her grab the lamp with one of her hands. She got out a pair of scissors and cut the cord. The lamp had not been prepared for that, and it smashed into the wall, shattering and killing itself in the process.

         Minnie yelled out my name once more and started running towards me, catching me in a tackle-hug. I was still too weak to try to stop that, and I was a little busy trying to get the remains of the cord off my neck. “What's going on with our house, bro?”

I held up my hand, making her wait, and took out my inhaler. After using it, I answered back, gasping a little. “I...I don't know, sis..” I took her scissors and slowly edged them under the cord, cutting the rest of it off.

“What about Mimmie? Is she okay?” She asked, with fear in her voice. Mimmie was my other sister, a year older then Minnie. She slept in the room next to her.

“Oh no, Mimmie!!” I was starting to get a little tired of this. What did we ever do to lamps? “You stay here Minnie, and if anything else starts flying, call out for me, okay?” She nodded once and I ran out of the room. I looked around for a moment and noticed that the house was shaking gently. What is happening to our house? I quickly opened the door to Mimmie's room.

         I found her in a corner, as a flesh colored doll slowly walked towards her, growling. Well, I figured that it can't be as bad as a lamp, so I ran right towards the plastic brat and kicked it right in it's head. It slid towards the dresser, crashing against it with a thud. It stood up and hissed before picking up and throwing a toy car at me. I stopped it using my PSI, and lunged for it again, letting the car clatter to the floor. It jumped up and kicked me in my left eye. I cried out in pain, feeling my eye start to water. It jabbed at my other eye, but I grabbed the doll by its arm, took my hand off my eye, and smashed it against the wall as hard as I could. The hissing sound slowly grew more silent with each impact, until it stopped completely. I watched it for a  moment, checking for any movements, but whatever was possesing it seems to have left. The shaking seems to have stopped to, so I guess the doll was causing it.

“You okay, sis?” I ask her.
“No! I got attacked by my doll, dummy!” She yells back fearfully.
“Okay okay! I'm just concerned, jeez...”
“Its okay...at least the house stopped shaking. Did you get scared?” I smile at her.
“N-no! I'm a big girl!” She smiles back at me for a second then looks at the doll. She looks closely at it, noticing something..
“Hey bro! There's something inside the doll!” She exclaims. Whatever it is, she seems rather excited about it.
“Lemme see!” I say back, cautious of  what it may be. To my surprise, as I looked inside the hole on the stomach of the doll, I saw a rather old, golden music box with a small wind up thingy on it. The sides are decorated with little music symbols. I pull it out and lay it on the dresser. The sunlight lands on the box, making it seem to glow.

“Ooh, its so pretty...” Mimmie says. I glance at her, and she's looking at the box with awe. I'll never understand why little girls like shiny things so much...though the box is pretty, I suppose...
“Yes, it is, but why is there a music box inside of a doll in the first place?”

         As soon as that last word left my mouth, the box started winding up on its own. Darn it, its gonna start attacking us, I knew it! The box keeps winding up, and instead of flying into the air like the lamp, it actually starts playing what sounds like the beginning of a song. A girl starts singing...

“Take a melody~”

It sounded so beautiful, those three words. The voice was soft and gentle, like an angel's. But, before any of the rest could play, the box broke down, ending the song in a distorted mess.
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