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A story that will reveal some secrets of life strongly for patient and conscious readers!!
         Peaceful wishes!!! Hereby I invite your consciousness to perceive this little piece of information. I belonged to the state of DNIM. I am very much old crossing billions and trillions of light years in terms of your measurement. My job is associating with dynamic cognitive beings which we call SNEIPASOMOH (Sneipas shortly) in our language. I have to make these Sneipas to work based on my own decisions. All the Sneipas are like dumb terminals. They are the kites with my own thread. But they too have belief, feelings, emotions, intellect, learning through experience and more specifically, they almost follow a process called EFIL which involves evolution of them. All the Sneipas will have relations and form families and thus societies itself. I want to tell you about one of the Sneipas that I have once associated.

         That Sneipas was quite different one that made an impact over me to talk about it to everybody. Let us as of now name that as DNEGEL. We always name by the names of our holy gods :). While Dnegel was in its childhood, it was perfectly under my control. As soon as it attains the adolescence, it gets out of my control while almost all other Sneipas never got deviated from me. I begun to make my track aligned with Dnegel without any options. Later Dnegel entered into the stage of getting into a college to get a degree. As I have set it out, the initial aim of Dnegel was to get a degree and take care of its poor family. But as it engages with the outer world and other Sneipas in the college, it begins to realize some truth about itself, its evolution and the surroundings.

         Instead of simply studying, Dnegel tries to learn and understand why and how to study subjects and also the process behind its evolution. Many Sneipas misunderstood the behavior of Dnegel while Dnegel clearly marks out a big insight into all the other Sneipas. Some of the Sneipas mocked and make fun of Dnegel while some astonished about its talents. Dnegel understands that "All the meanings about the things it perceiving in its world are subjective to the individual Sneipas and all the Sneipas follow their own subjective dictionaries in which concepts of their own worlds are mapped with their very beliefs by which the whole evolution itself operates. All the beliefs are subjective and it is very hard to change them unless it has been realized as changeable". As I deduced, Dnegel, finally gave me a check mate by understanding the fact that in those hard beliefs only, me too existing as the root factor and controlling them.

         So Dnegel realizes its own ability to get beyond me and takes control of what it wants and this process is called the Realization of Free Will. After the attainment of such realization, Dnegel begun to completely forget me and begins to form the whole new evolution process as it wanted. It made me to feel very worse as most of the Sneipas begun to understood me as an illusion. I didn’t expect that this Dnegel, changes the whole history and made a new Legend. So you see, my Conscious Reader! , as the title says, I am really a hypothetical being. My name is ETAF. I came from the future. But now, in this present, I may exist in you and controlling you. It’s because you are one of my Sneipas too :). If you are patiently conscious up to now, according to my dictionary, DNEGEL makes LEGEND after realizing who I am. I am sure that soon I am going to be hypothetical in your future too. Can you be able to realize the prophecy from me?

-          By R.Vivek (Guess who is the narrator....)
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