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I think both theories are missing the point.

          The first time I saw Bugs Bunny I shouted to my mom,
      "A talking bunny!" Don't worry I was just a two year old.
      But, can bunnies talk? They are not chatty animals.
      Although, they do make a lot of bunnies. Most bunnies are
      quite and mind their own business. How then did a
      monkey learn to talk? Ah there's the rub!
            Monkeys are just as horny as bunnies, but they have
      a relative, who has evolved into a big mouth. Humans are the
      chattiest creatures on the planet. And they build things and make
      arguments; that can lead to wars of mass destruction.
      So. How did the humans become so chatty?
            This is a complicated process; unless, your a creationist.
      The creationist assumes their is a God, who created humans.
      The process is instantaneous,  like Sea Monkeys in a bottle.
      Why do creationist assume God is Christian? Maybe God is a
      nihilist. Imagine a God, who does not want to exist, but must.
      This massive creative force explodes and rains down tiny Sea Monkeys.
      Essentially, creationist have no scientific way to prove their Christian
      beliefs and any belief can be substituted.
              Let us now consider the cold hard reasoning of materialist.
      A long-long-long-very-long time ago something happened in space.
      There is no concrete evidence to determine what exactly happened,
      but we exist. Now, evolutionist look at the fossil record of dinosaurs and
      sea monkeys and make conclusions. From dinosaurs came chickens
      and chicken nuggets. What is radio carbon dating? That's a way of
      telling how old a fossil is, but how radioactive were things
      a million years ago? And sea water can make fossils appear to be
      older in radioactive dating... oops.
              Then, there are the layers of sediment which are used to prove
      the passage of an era from dinosaurs to chickens. Unfortunately,
      sediments are also deposited on banks. Banks form at an angle,
      which is why there are petrified trees in the walls of the Grand Canyon
      that appear to cross over layers of millions of years.
      Paleontologists are notorious for putting the wrong head on a dinosaur.
      There have been many debates and revisions over dino-displays.
      Once again we are dealing with guess work, because all this stuff
      happened a long-long time ago.

                                Why do humans talk?
                                The educated guess is
                                    it was a mistake.

      Did I help?

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