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For my anatomy class.
Anatomical Landmarks Story

My heels clicked down the hall way as I make my way passed the warden’s office and into the first security check. The guard’s sternal1 is much larger than his body and I realize each guard is wearing protective vests. I remove my blazer and dislodge the gun the is sitting between my skirt and lumbar2. The guard finishes with my purse and instructs me to stand against the wall with my legs spread; I sense the metal detector gliding over my back and down my legs. It begins to buzz when it reaches my tarsal3. My heart begins to race so much so that the guards can probably see the veins in my carpal4 pulsing. I assure them that it is just an ankle bracelet that I forgot to remove.

I make it through security and find my way to psychiatric ward and into a small white cell. I sit down at the desk and start tapping my digitals5 against its surface. An inmate with a guard holding his brachial5 walks in and sits opposite me. My manus6 begin to shake and I conceal them beneath the desk. For a moment no one talks as I shuffle through my purse for his folder. With his folder in front of me I take a moment to study his body language. He sits stiffly in the chair as if a metal rod was attached to his vertebral7.

I begin to talk, moving through my normal routine of questions; his answers are brief and cold. The inmate shifts in his seat pushing the desk into my abdominal8. Suddenly the guard turns his cephalic9 to the bars that separate us from the rest of the prison. From outside the psychiatric ward’s doors, howls of inmates can be heard, something is very wrong. Loud footsteps come rushing towards our cell where another guard breathless is heaved over. He manages to get out that my next patient a notorious serial killer has escaped from the guard escorting him to this cell and has managed to get outside of the prison gates.

I opened my folder and quickly read his profile, Larry Bridgeday he killed over 60 women in the northwest Washington and Oregon area and life imprisonment was the only way to stop the killings. He is known for killing women by placing a ligature around the cervical10 and strangling them after intercourse. He was also known for mutilating their pubic11 region. I rushed to the warden’s office abandoning the inmate I was in the middle of a session with.

The warden had beads of sweat dripping from his frontal12, when I walked in he put his head between his patellars13 and took a jagged breath in. He had just finished calling every guard and local officer who was not schedule. I sat beside him and dialed the local FBI field office’s number. I tried to remain calm. After my phone call the warden and I both headed for the security desk to retrieve our weapons and join the small search team. Within ten minutes of surveying the ground my pedals14 ached from my heels and I was already exhausted.

The women especially were instructed to stay close as we ventured outside the prison gates and into the nearby forest. I tapped one of the searches on their acromial15 and motioned towards the direction we would be going in, I would have talked if the sound of the helicopters overhead was not so loud. As my search group entered the brush and bushes I drew my gun with my hand firmly on the grip and my pollex16 on the trigger guard.

My palmas17 became sweaty with any sign of motion. I was terrified. I squeezed my fibulars18 so tightly that they started ache. I fell behind as the search party moved up hill. I could barely see any of the other searchers when I heard wheezing. I whipped my body around my plantars19 rooting into the ground when a broad stick flashed in front of my face and hit my buccal20. I was thrown off balance landing on my gluteal21. My orbitals22 blurry from the impact. I stood up dazed and dizzy, one hand tightening around the grip of the gun the other wiping blood off my mental23.

With another crackling of leaves my arm holding the gun lashed out and struck Bridgeday in the nasal causing him to stagger backwards. My legs though aching found the strength to run till there was some distant between us. I crouched behind a shrub my popliteals24 burning as I brainstormed my way out of this situation. I turned and stood up, all six feet five inches and two hundred and ninety pounds came charging at me. My hand reacted and before I knew it I heard the pop of the gun and my thumb pressing the trigger down.

Bridgeday laid withering on the ground clutching his coxal25 with both hands. I heard his moans before I reached his body. The search party came running and within a blink of an eye we had wrapped his wound and was carrying him down the hill back to the prison hospital. I leaned again a tree and let out a long sign. In unison the warden and I slide our dorsals26 down the trunk of the tree and sat on the cool ground and closed our eyes.

Word Bank:

1. Chest

2. Lower back

3. Ankle

4. Wrist

5. Upper arm

6. Hand

7. Back (along vertebrae)

8. Abdomen

9. Head

10. Neck

11. Genitals

12. Forehead

13. Knees

14. Feet

15. Shoulder

16. Thumb

17. Palm

18. Side of leg

19. Heel

20. Cheek

21. Butt

22. Eyes

23. Chin

24. Back of knee

25. Side of hips

26. Back

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