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The gypsy men friends are in France and they always keep life interesting.
Megan ran outside along with Jennifer, Miles and Bradley. When they got outside, they saw bright colors and smoke. Fireworks. Megan had to admit that they were pretty. Bradley looked down the street.

"Drakelin is setting off fireworks! That man is a Jack Ass and he is bound determined to make my life miserable!" Bradley clenched his fists.

Jennifer snuggled up to Bradley. "It is just fireworks. Don't let the man get to you. We are here to have fun and I thought you wanted to show me off to your family."

Bradley hugged Jennifer. The fireworks had died down. Megan and Jennifer knew that the gypsy men had set off the fireworks. Rachael came outside and looked. She saw Miles and Megan hugging and she went back into the house. Megan smiled. EAT YOUR HEART OUT RACHAEL!

Denise, the maid announced that it was time for supper. Bradley, Jennifer, Miles and Megan went into the house and set down to a turkey dinner, mashed potatoes, corn, rolls, cranberry sauce, chocolate cake and plum pudding.

Caroline asked what the noise was.

"Drakelin setting off fireworks." Bradley grunted.

"Oh, Dear. That man is trouble. I heard that he bought some gypsies with him." Caroline ate some mashed potatoes.

Megan coughed and Jennifer dropped her spoon.

"Allergies." answered Megan.

"Gypsies? How many? asked Bradley.

"A woman and two men." Morgan said.

"I knew I should have shot them back in England." Bradley loved turkey but it tasted like something awful.

"You know the gypsies?" Caroline asked.

"They caused problems for Jennifer and Megan." Bradley suddenly wasn't hungry. Neither was Jennifer, Megan and Miles.

"I am so sorry to hear that. They won't bother here. Mr. Defoe who lives next door is with the police." Caroline answered.

"Maybe gypsies will liven up the street. Life is boring here. At least they probably speak English. I am so tired of Polly Voo FonSay. French! The language is unbearable!" Rachael pouted..

Bradley stood up. "You will stay away from those gypsies or I will shoot them. They are nothing but thieves and low life! I may shoot Drakelin along with them" Bradley knocked the chair over as he walked past to go outside.

Jennifer, Megan and Miles finished eating and they went outside. Bradley was smoking. Jenifer was dying for a cigarette but she had to behave in front of Bradley's family.

"Did you know those gypsy men are here?" asked Miles.

"I saw Zalita and she didn't mention the gypsy men being here." Megan hated lying. Those gypsy men were going to cause problems.

"They had better stay away from here. Dirty worthless gypsies." Bradley spit on the ground.

Jennifer needed to change the subject. "Are we going anywhere tomorrow?"

"Maybe the Art Museum. I think I should buy you your ring while we are out.."

"Bradley, that idea I like." Jennifer linked her arm in Bradley's and he kissed her cheek. They walked out to the gazebo. Miles and Megan walked back to the guest house.

"Those gypsies are too close for comfort."

"Miles, let's not worry about them. We are here to have fun. I want to buy my Wedding dress."

"Caroline and Jennifer can help you pick out one. It's a woman's thing as your time era says."

"Yes, it is." Megan kissed Miles cheek. She would have to make sure that she stayed away from Manolito. She had to keep Rachael away from Miles. It wasn't going to be easy.

It was getting dark and Bradley, Jennifer, Megan and Miles went back into the house. Rachael was reading a book and she threw dirty looks at Megan. Megan stuck out her tongue and Jennifer laughed. Bradley looked puzzled. Megan wasn't being a lady. Megan kissed Miles and said she was going to her room. Jennifer kissed Bradley and said she was going to her room.

Megan was in her room and Jennifer came to see her.

"Those gypsies are going to be a problem. You need to find the moonstone, give it to Zalita and we have to stay away from Calin and Manolito." Jennifer sighed.

"I did find the moonstone. It is broke and flashing. Neither one of us will be getting married if we go near those gypsies again. I have to give Zalita the moonstone. I have to see her without Calin and Manolito being around. If we get around those gypsy men, well Bradley will shoot them."

"I know.Hey! Show me that moonstone!"

Megan went and got the moonstone. It was flashing. It was eerie.

"We have to get this back to Zalita. Too bad we can't deliver it by falcon. Are we having fun, yet? Rachael wants Miles and Manolito wants you and Calin wants me. We want Bradley and Miles. We really love them. That Drakelin guy hates Bradley and is making Bradley's life miserable. I guess we will stay in the house the whole time until we go out shopping for our Wedding dresses. Those gypsy men will ruin our lives."

"I know. I am going to stay away from them. Jennifer, will our lives always be in turmoil?"

"I hope not. I am going to bed. I will see you in the morning."

"Good night. We have to make things be alright. We have to get that moonstone back to Zalita and hide it from Bradley and Miles."

"I know. At least our lives aren't boring." Megan stated singing Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves."

Megan kept dreaming of gypsies and pirates and Manolito holding the moonstone and chasing her around with it. She dreamed she was making love to Manolito and she fell in the ocean then fell into a rabbit hole. Miles was the Mad Hatter and told her that she was late for tea and there would be no
Wedding and he threw the tea pot at her. Megan woke up and she was screaming but only in her dream. Megan didn't sleep the rest of the night.

Jennifer dreamed of Rainey running off with Bradley and Calin kidnapped Jennifer and threw it down a rabbit hole and the moonstone fell on top of her and she was at the Grand Opry and country music was playing. Jennifer woke up and she was ready to scream.

The next morning, Jennifer and Megan told each other their dreams.

"Country music and the Grand Opry? That I could live with. Miles being the Mad Hatter and throwing a tea pot at me, well that was weird. That moonstone was haunting me. We are going to tell Bradley and Miles about the moonstone and tell them to go with us to take it back to Zalita. This way, we won't be sneaking around. We can't risk it."

"You are right. I can't handle your Keith Urban guy and a song about a guy, a boat and a dog. Country music, yuk!"

"Jennifer, Dear the song is something about a girl, a truck and a kiss. One of your dogs is the reason we have that dreadful moonstone here but we have to get it back to Zalita. It is mucking up my life."

"Anyway, let's go to breakfast and Bradley and Miles will probably take us out today and we will tell them about the moonstone. The moonstone problem is going to be fixed."

Megan and Jennifer went down to breakfast. Bradley and Miles were there and they were laughing about the dogs chasing their tails around and they knocked over a vase. At least they were in a good mood. They kissed the women good morning. Caroline thought that was too forward but didn't say anything. She just said "Good Morning."

"We are going out with Jennifer and Megan today." Bradley said.

"That will be nice. Rachael and I will take Megan and Jennifer out tomorrow." Caroline offered.

Megan rolled her eyes and Jennifer stifled a laugh.

Breakfast was good. Pancakes, bacon, eggs, toast and orange juice. The conversation was about tobacco with Bradley's father. Megan and Jennifer couldn't wait to leave for the day. After breakfast, Megan and Jennifer changed clothes. Megan wore a lavender dress that was expensive and Jennifer wore a blue one that was expensive as well. Bradley and Miles helped them in the carriage. Paris had so many fancy houses. There were iron clad fences and mansions. The streets were cobblestone like gold as well as some of the carriages they passed. Jennifer and Megan decided to tell the men about the moonstone at the end of the day.

They went to an art museum. There were castles and several of Marie Antionette. Her blond hair was on top of her head and curled and she wore purple dresses, red dresses, blue dresses and two of the pictures she had worn a crown.

"She was beautiful. She had a miserable life. Married to a man that she didn't love." Megan sighed.

"I am glad that you love me." Miles kissed Megan's cheek.

"I am glad that I love you, too." Megan really was.

"If being a Queen means being beheaded, well I will just be me." Jennifer smiled.

"You are my Queen." Bradley put his arm around Jennifer.

There were paintings of castles, unicorns, KIng Louis,Marie's husband. He wasn't much to look at. There were statues of naked people and Megan, Jennifer giggled and the men took them to see pictures of dogs, cats and mountains and the ocean. After the museum, they went to a jewelery store.

Jennifer picked out a marquis diamond that was huge. She was so happy as Bradley put it on her finger.

"I love you, We could get married in France."

"Bradley, what about our friends?"

"I would like for my family to be at our Wedding. We couold have a Wedding here and one back home."

"I would like that." Jennifer loved Bradley dearly but she was hoping to be married later. Megan read Jennifer's mind.

Just then Kyle Drakelin and Zalita entered the jewelery store.

Zalita hugged Megan and Jennifer. "I am going to marry Kyle. He proposed. Manolito is taking me tonight to se Kristie. Oh, Jennifer I love your ring. You are marrying the right man. You, too, Megan. Did you find the moonnstone?"

Kyle looked at Bradley. "Seems like we are both getting married. Calin will be so heartbroken."

Bradley hit Drakelin with his fist and and he took off his coat. "Drakelin, you are going down, you Bastard. I haven't forgotten how you swindled my family but we are still rich. Bradley and Drakelin were duking it out and Miles was beating on Drakelin as well. They weren't being gentlemen now. Megan and Jennifer were speechless.

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