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by LaRea
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I plan on writing short stories, depending on my mood will be the setting for each story.
I sat here quietly in a cold abandon dance club building, in the middle of winter. Sitting there quietly with a suitcase, thinking about my kidnapped husband as I hold the ransom note. "If you leave the club before midnight, your husband dies." as I would read from time to time... It was hard to come up with the money really, seeing how him and I lived a simple life, with simple jobs.. Yet.. I'm sorry, my mind is wondering.. Yes, I understand. I'll continue, as I was saying. It was cold, the place was abandoned. It looked like everyone just randomly left one night, glasses still filled on tables and counters. Their was a couple purses here and there, not that I would look inside. Invasion of privacy, right? Anyway, I can't help but to look at my watch in the silence of the building, my mind would be racing to the silence.. "Is HE worth it? Is THIS worth it?"How couldn't it be worth it? He has been my husband for thirty years, my high school and college sweetheart. My first for everything, we always had each other through everything. ... You're right, I'm sorry. I'll continue, the more as time went on.. The more my thoughts would try to get the better of me, I didn't know what to do! "Is HE worth it!?! Is THIS worth it?!?" Over and over again, to the point where the quiet abandoned club echoed my thoughts! I was going insane I tell you! Waiting for my husband to be with me again, I started to panic, but!!! I couldn't leave the chair, they were watching me I know it.. If I left the chair, I couldn't have my husband again! As time went on, what felt like eternity. The double doors to the building finally! FINALLY!! Sweet salvation finally! Opened, I saw a man standing there.... Then I woke up in a cold sweat, was it a dream? But.. It was so real... I manage to roll over to see my husband in his work uniform again, working overtime again for the third day in the row. Managing to get myself calmed down enough to get up and look out the window. The abandon club gave me the creeps, from what I remember I've never been there between the time it was built, till it closed down.. yet.. I have an eerie feeling I have been there. As I threw that thought to the back of my head, I look down. Eyes widen, heart racing to see the suitcase from my dream be my reality. Who the fuck is messing with my dreams!? My reality?! Trying to keep my nerves calm, getting on my knees to examine the suitcase.. Nothing.. But.. A... Letter. Calm down girl, it's just a letter. Quietly walking out to the kitchen to get me a drink and to read the letter, after a moment with glass at hand, seat at butt.. I slowly open the letter... Only to have tears run down my cheeks uncontrollably.. holding a simple note that says... "We'll be back.."
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1889908