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The Roswell artifacts brought the dawn of new era of advance technologies.
The Roswell Artifacts
Brought the Dawn of New Era of Advance Technologies

The recovery of priceless artifacts from ill-fated extraterrestrials spaceship, which went down in the lonely desert of Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 brought the dawn of new era of advance technologies for humanity. Before the Roswell incident, it took scientists such as Edison years of research and 1,000 failed experiments to come up with one light bulb working properly. Now people are enjoying Quantum Internet (offered by Verizon) 3D Television (offered by Best Buy). In addition, there are other high tech toys such as IPod, Tablets, and Notebooks. These fantastic gadgets are all from reverse engineering of recovered artifacts wreckages of extraterrestrials spaceship over a decade ago.
Colonel Philip J Corso arrived in Pentagon in 60s to take over as the head of Foreign Technology Desk at the U.S Army’s Research Development. His Boss was General Arthur Trudeau who was also a long time old friend. General Trudeau was quite aware of Corso’s expertise in the field of foreign technology. Therefore, he did not hesitate to hand over one of the most infamous top secret files in the world, the Roswell event which was sitting in the Pentagon’s basement for more than a half a century collecting dust to Corso. It was not necessary for General Trudeau to inform Colonel Corso where the Roswell objects came from. Colonel Corso was a member of President Dwight Eisenhower’s National Security prior to his transfer to Pentagon.
Here is a summary of Roswell episode for the benefit of readers. On July 3th 1947 there was a thunder storms with violent electric discharges across the mysterious desert of Roswell. William W. Brzel was the foreman of Foster Ranch in rural Lincoln County near Corona, New Mexico. He had heard a loud explosion, but did not think much about it. The next day Brzel went to pasture to check on sheep, and to his amazement, he saw a metallic slivery disk (UFO) badly damaged, on an open area over about a quarter of mile and several hundred wide was covered with unearthly debris, the animals had avoided the area.
After viewing the situation, honest Brzel picked up some of alien fragments and put them into his truck and left for Corona to visit Sheriff George Wilcox. Hence, seeing the pieces Sheriff Wilcox called Major Jesse Marcel, the army intelligence officer at the base on the phone. Major Marcel and Brzel talked on the phone for a short while and planned to visit the crashed UFO site together.
Consequently, the news of downed alien space craft had already reached White House. President Dwight D. Eisenhower ordered through the chain of command to keep the incident highly secret. (It became so secret that got labeled as national security). Colonel William H. Blanchard commander of Army Base 509 ordered all the artifacts, UFO, any dead or alive aliens to be collected without any delay, and sent them all back to Roswell Army Air Field immediately. Later, three thousand soldiers combed the crashed site and picked- up every remnant. They had to take an oath of secrecy. In case anyone would have broken the oath of silence, that person would have been court-martialed, and would have been shot on treason charges. The heavenly artifacts were scheduled to be carried by B-29 to Wright Field Air Force in Ohio; the relics were escorted with Major Jesse Marcel. In the last minute, the order changed, and the artifacts were sent to Forth worth Texas without Major Marcel. Fourteen years from that date passed. Nobody knew where the foreign objects were until, colonel Corso showed up in Pentagon.
General Trudeau asked Corso to read the Roswell file secretly and do something with the wreckages. Corso would have sat down for hours alone in his office and would have looked at the artifacts. Corso wrote, “There were the tiny, clear filament, glasslike wire twisted together through a gray harness as if they were cables going into junction…”( Colonel Corso, The Roswell artifacts, p47). He would have put down the item and would have picked-up another one. Corso wrote, “Then there were the thin two-inch-around matte gray Oyster cracker- shaped wafers of a material that looked like plastic but had tiny road maps of wires heavily raised, etched along the surface.” (Colonel Corso, The Roswell artifacts, p48). There were more baffling artifacts to examine. Corso wrote, “ There was a dull, grayish slivery foil-like swatch of cloth among these artifacts that you could not fold, bend, or wad up but that bounced right back into its original shape with my creases.”(Colonel Corso, The Roswell Artifacts, p49)
Colonel Corso thought how someone conceals extraterrestrial artifacts from public. Even though, General Trudeau was getting impatient, but he never expressed it to Corso verbally. Corso’s other problem was to keep the origin of the artifacts hidden. Finally, a thought occurred to him, the best way to get rid of these heavenly pieces were to give them to companies on the government pay roll such as IBM, Hughes , Bell Labs, and Dows. These companies had: contractors, subcontractors, researchers, as well as famous scientists at the top level universities that would have come up with more earthly technologies for both military as well as commercial applications. Best of all, Corso did not have to reveal the origin of the objects. Top scientists such as: Woren Won Brown, John Von Neumann, Robert Sarbacher, and Vannevar Bush were invited to participate in back engineering the extraterrestrial artifacts. (The scientists knew the objects were not from the earth by just looking at them. This was not the first time government had given scientists celestial objects, no explanation was necessary) Everyone had accepted it with pleasure, after all how many times in life a scientist would be lucky enough to hold on to items made in another planet by aliens. After months of hard work, the scientists came up with the following creations: Corso wrote:
1)”Fiber Optic”
2”) Supertancity Fibers”
3)” Lasers”
4) “Molecular Alignment Metallic Alloys”
5)” Integrated Circuits”
6) “Image Intensifiers ultimately became Night Vision”
7) “Project Horizon”
8) “Portable Atomic Generators (Icon Propulsion Drive)”
9)”Irradiated Food”
10)”Third Brain guidance System”
11)”Electromagnetic Propulsion System”
12)”Depleted Uranium Projectiles”
13)”HAARP (High Altitude Research Project” (Colonel Corso, the Roswell Desert P, 16)
At this point Corso had learned that Sabacher had already informed Dr. Smith about alien artifacts. Dr. Smith had voiced his opinion. Corso wrote,” regardless whether UFO fit our belief or not, the fact was we had acquired them and it was important to harvest the technology they contained.” (Colonel Corso, The Project Goes Under Way, p127)
A portion of these awesome technologies such as Laser (now is being used in surgery) Supertancity Fibers (Police and Military use it as bullet proof vest) and Fiber Optics ( Verizon and Comcast use it in their high speed internet) are used for the comfort of mankind and brought legendary profit for the companies involved. The rest of alien technologies turned into deadly advance weaponry which has been controlled by the United States Armed Forces. Some of them are: Star War (antimissile energy weapon) HAARP (High Altitude Research project, it is capable of modifying weather and can be used as a weapon) and Ray Gun (a type of deadly weapon, it uses some form of Laser). Armed Forces use these high technologies to not only protect their citizens from terrorist attacks, but also is using them to fight back with malevolent extraterrestrials that have been roaming planet earth since the dawn of human civilization. The aggressive aliens have been abducting humans for their medical experimentation, and have been mutilating the innocent animals for their unknown reasons. The Roswell artifacts will give Armed Forces equal opportunities to deal with the intruders on their technical level. The late President Roland Regan was aware of alien invasions, and he shocked the world in December 4, 1985 in his speech at the United Nations when he faced General Secretary Grachev and said these immortal words,” How easy his task and mine might have been in these meetings that we held, if suddenly there was a threat to this world from some other species from another planet outside in the universe. We’d forget all little local differences that we have between our countries.” (President Regan, United Nations, YouTube)
To sum it up, the scientists gave humans amazing technologies in earthly shapes. It makes one wonder how marvelous these artifacts must have been in their original heavenly shapes. The governments of the world must establish a friendly diplomatic relationship with the benevolent extraterrestrials, and encourage tourism as well as trade. The two species can learn wonderful new things from each other. Human scientists shall ask the wise extraterrestrials to teach them their peaceful technologies, and be grateful for the Roswell Artifacts that brought heaven and earth together.
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