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by sujg
Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Emotional · #1890630
A story how two strangers on holiday meet . They are linked by thier ex partners.
                                                                                                                       The Invisible Bond                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Delhi’s heat was rising . As the monsoons were far off . The DESU were not making it any easier to bear the heat. The constant power cuts were making life unbearable. No power means no water either. This was the time anyone who could headed for the cool north- west. London was home to many Indians in summer. The city did not seem foreign .  But this time we did not have money to spare . We were buying a new flat. A friend of ours suggested we go to the hills near by. After checking our schedules and the availability of hotels the choice was made  .We set off to Dhamrshalla  . it is located in the foothills of the majestic Himalayan range. The drive is breath taking .Once you reach the hills you feel the crisp cool air. All your tensions disappear . My worries melted away. I was enjoying the serenity of mother nature.                              

Since we were two couples with kids a cottage was easier to stay in . the small garden reminded me of London . In this place my husband was only mine. He had no distractions. He claimed his love for me once more. It was an illusion I could enjoy in this paradise.                                                            

One day we were taking a trek. My kids were in the garden . We saw a man walking along with a child of five . Both of them were enjoying each other . One could see that they were very close. He took time to let the child pick up her little treasures. He even pointed out interesting leaves .The man cared . The child , seemed to be his lifeline. We reached them and smiled. The little girl gave a shy smile . She then asked me about my kids . I told her they were playing in the hotel’s kids corner. She asked her dad to walk her back. .Suddenly the kids corner seemed attractive to her. In the morning Priya  and she had started playing . We carried on our walk while the father and daughter headed back to the hotel.                                        

    At lunch time we were taking a table for four. .Just then I heard a shriek of delight. The little girl was pointing to us and imploring her dad to let her join Priya. Priya on the other hand had seen her and leaving us left to join her new found friend . She did not even ask . Normally she does not wander off on her own. Rahul had not yet found a friend . Adults finally give in to their kids . This father was no exemption . He came towards us with a sheepish grin. The two girls were already in tier own world. She was not aware of the embarrassment her father was facing. As our children sat on the same table, my husband asked him to join us too .We introduced ourselves. His name was Mahesh Gupta. He ran a garments export division .He told us he was here on a holiday. He was a divorced , living with his daughter in Sunder Nagar. What a small world .     

We told him we lived in Defence  Colony . He  was a man full of life and laughter. His company was welcome. After four years of marriage a husband and wife have little to say. We shared the names of school, our business. The next day we planned to sight see together. He could hold a conversation on most things. He travelled a lot . His wife had just left him for another man. He was hurt . He said they could not make the marriage work. They had parted as friends. Very few  share the blame . I liked his honesty.                              The next day , the children no longer looked bored. They had someone else to play and fight with .They quickly finished their breakfast and were ready to leave. Rahul, had also started playing with Diya. Mahesh told us she was born on diwali . Diya was very active . She constantly found new things to play . She did not throw a tantrum if she was denied . Very unlike my kids . Mahesh, was a loving but firm father . He did not spoil her, even though he did not live with her . At meal times she would never fuss.                    One night , we  were drinking beer . Our talk came around to our lives. He told us that his wife was going to get married soon. We shared some names . We realized there were some common people . He mentioned Jatin Ahuja in a passing remark. My ears  picked up the name. I asked him how he knew him. The two of them had a business deal. It was during the time that his wife fell in love with Jatin . Soon after they went for a divorce .  Diya was small , it was better for her to stay with her mother. He provided for her. He will do so even after his wife gets married . He loved his daughter too much. That is why he came for a holiday with Diya..                                                                                                         

I was stunned. Jatin was my ex-husband. The world is truly small . The rest of the holidays were no longer fun for me . An old link had surfaced, my husband also withdrew into a shell. I finally, found Mahesh alone one evening . The temptation to inquire about Jatin was too much . He was still in my system  . Mahesh, was as surprised to hear about my relationship with Jatin. Anyway he did not mince words . He blamed Jatin for luring his wife away. Before , he entered their lives everything was perfect. Jatin flirted and showered attention . Women fall for that . He has promised her marriage . Mahesh now sees that Jatin always played with the emotions of women and then left them . But it is too late to salvage his broken home . For his sake I wish we had met earlier .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
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