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About a Friend in CR
Dianna, sits with eyes wide open, taking in the scenery, and contemplating her next move.

She is in love with love, but doesn't like the way it makes her feel.  Something has to change.  But, for her change could be painful, so she accepts the moment.

Sadness is her companion, while joy seems to be just out of reach.

Loving him is hard.  Keeping him may be harder.  Letting him go has been impossible.

Dianna resolves to make the move, but which one.  Confusion sets in at the point of decision.

He's had it rough.  His Mother has been tough on him.  He needs her.

Yet, being with him leaves her wanting.

Walking out now wouldn't be right, but...

Friends have told her.  Strangers have felt sorry for her.  She sees it, but...

He's never hits her.  He always makes up.  He takes her to wonderful places, but...

Wearing a smile, she makes a new resolve.  Talk with him.  Share with him.  Surely he will understand.  Pouring out her thoughts and choosing her words carefully, she has the talk.  He listens.  He absorbs.  He responds correctly.  He goes to sleep.  He remembers only a part of the talk.

Promises are made.  Make up was great.  He goes with her on the excursion.  He is attentive.  He enjoys himself and her company.  It is exactly the way Dianna wants him to be all of the time. 

How long will this last?  She will just wait and see.  She is stuck at the same crossroad as before.
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