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by Kidd
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Personal thoughts
A Throw Away Child

         I am so precious and lovable, that any selfless person would want to have me to love. They say I am so cute, just adorable, oh look so sweet, ah let me hold her. Then it happens, I become a burden, something that requires their precious time. Time, they could spend doing more important things, like going to parties, getting high or just getting away from me, Oh they just really need a break! Taking care of me is way more than they had bargained for. They say shut up, you’re so stupid, let your mother watch you, I’m too busy. I am a child, not something to be discarded on the side of the road, not something that when the new has worn off you can just throw away. You won’t see children lying on the street like an empty bag from McDonald’s. What you will see on the street is people living in despair, people who have been abused, mistreated, and abandoned. People, who as children have learned that there is nobody to love them, Therefore they must not be worthy of love, so how can they even love themselves? A child’s life is as short as the night, and often times as dark. Please love me, I really am precious, adorable and sweet, please hold me, don’t ever let me go. I don’t mean to be a burden, I want to grow up and be able to love someone the way that you have loved me. It won’t be long and we can spend that precious time together doing things we both enjoy, important things like learning to live, living to love and sharing this short time that we will have together as a loving family. Please, somebody, anybody become that selfless person that would want to have me to love.

I just don’t want to be a throw away child.

Moral; A child that you show love, is a child that will love you.

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