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This piece of writing is dedicated to the forgotten beauty that can be found in a morning.
      The morning sun had risen and peaked through my window. I could see its brightness even though my eyes were shut. The sun seemed so impatient as if it had big news to inform me of. Realizing that I could not shut out its light I wiped the sleep out of my eyes and rolled towards the window. I shook my head as if to say "what could be so important that you had to disturb the precious little sleep I get" I sat up and raised my ear towards the window to listen for its response. While I sat I heard no voice from the sun, only the sweet soft voices of some birds. I thought to myself, " Is that what was so important?".

  The more I thought about it the more I realized, what a complete tragedy it would be for those who live in big cities filled with cars and fumes, street lights and horns, clocks and alarms that never let you rest. How annoying it would be to wake to the sound of the much more impatient alarm clock. No birds singing "good morning" no fresh dew on the grass, no spider webs glistening in the suns warm light. So I looked at the sun and said with a smile "thank you, I can understand now why you were being so impatient".

  How often are our mornings spent missing everything that makes them beautiful? How often do we wake just to watch the sun come up? Or even to listen to the birds sing? How about waking just to see one colour of the sunrise roll into another until the entire sky looks as if it had been the project of a painter who has spent his entire life shading and detailing to make that one perfect caption of the morning that we so often miss?

Truth is, someone has been up long before the sun and the birds. Someone who has planned the entire morning, from its vibrant colours to its precious song. And somehow I thought to myself; could the artist that painted the entire world in a single moment really care whether or not I wake to see his marvellous work? Yet, as quickly as that thought came to me another had replaced it just a quick. If this artist cares so much for those little birds that do nothing more then sing their hearts out in attempt to sweeten our mornings, or the sun that greets us with its warmth, or those colours that make us sit and marvel over them, then surely he must care for us all the more. If not, why would he use the birds or the sun, the very works of his hands, to wake us before we miss it? Surely he must be making these mornings special as a kind reminder of his love for us.

    What a shame it is when the first words out of our mouths in the mornings isn't a simple "Thank you Lord" After al, the birds are not without their thanksgiving, nor the sun or the trees that show their testimonies of the wonderful works of the creator that made them. If the birds give their thanks with a song, and the sun with its warm light or the sky with its stunning colours, then we too need to give thanks. In the most personal way, through direct prayer with the creator himself.

And how truly blessed are we that we can speak to him in every minute that fills the day and know that every word we pray is not going unheard. What a God have we!
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