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He might be a little crazy.

      Secret Agent Guy
      Kittery, Maine
      September 13, 2012

      I suggest he go to the community counseling center up the road.
      He is very upset about my suggestion.

      "I am not an Obama communists. I do not wish to be on public assistance.
      Many of my fellow secret service agents have been made homeless by
      Obama's budget cuts. Does he think the Russians respect him?
      There laughing at him and so are the Islamic terrorists.
      George Bush senior respected operatives and gave them many gifts.
      My father dressed as a woman for George Bush senior and was his best
      operative. I have dressed as a woman and infiltrated the Russian secret service."

      I strongly suggest counseling at the outreach center up the road.
      My advice is ignored.

      'They'll put me in a hospital and try to get secret information from me.
      I know the sacred feminine inside me is devoted to the C.I.A.
      I am part of the Holy Order of the Central Intelligence Agency.
      The Virgin Mary lives inside the bureau under the sea.
      Only the master George Bush senior can unlock her secrets."

      I try to explain to this secret agent guy that none of what he is saying
      makes any sense. "It sounds crazy." I say.

      "I have no intention of divulging my evidence.
      I have male and female organs and a tattoo of Jesus on my right breast.
      You can see my feminine breast and tattoo."

      He shows me his breast and tattoo. The breast is very feminine.
      I am intrigued. "Why would the Virgin Mary be in the C.I.A?" I ask.

      "My friend the Virgin Mary was rescued by the Knights Templar.
      C.I.A. descended from their order. It has been a 2000 year old mission
      to place her descendant on their rightful throne in the New World Order.
      'And the Sons of God did take wives and giants walked the Earth.'
      Do you believe the reveled word of God?"

      I explain as best I can that I do not understand the question.
      "Is this Scientology?" I ask.

      "No! These are the mason bricks of the Knights Templar.
      We are not a cult of magicians. We fight and die for the Virgin Mary.
      Can you see the prophesy unfolding around us? The time of the
      Messiah's return is at hand. And the C.I.A. will be standing beside the
      Lord and all the Angels. I will never submit to a psych test in an
      Obama gulag!"

      I apologize for upsetting him. He smiles and shakes my hand.
      And we go our separate ways.
      I wonder at his wild story and take an aspirin.

      So be it.



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