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Contains a lengthy explanation of the world of vampires featured in Annika Solomon.
Vampire Notes and Blood Facts:

1) A human may drink the blood of a Pure Blood vampire. Said human will receive the healing benefits of an immortal as well as added strength, but will remain human. These individuals are often called familiars. Often willing servants of the vampires, the aspirations of these humans is to one day be turned.

2) A Pure Blood may drink the blood of a human. Said human will eventually undergo a painful turning. These humans then become what are known as infectious vampires. Infectious vampires are eventually overcome with the thirst and due to their incomplete blood bond, they become savage beasts - their sole desire: blood. The final stage of this form of vampirism is known as Blood Lust. (Perhaps, due to an agent in the saliva or a toxin in the fangs of vampires.)

3) If a human and Pure Blood exchange blood, a new vampire is formed. This vampire’s only weaknesses reside with its relationship to the Pure Blood who changed it. A vampire created in this manner must beckon to its master’s every call. It is not possible for a made vampire to resist a direct order from its master.

4) Pure Bloods and vampires of the nobility were born vampires. Pure Bloods are coven heads and must be obeyed by the nobility. They are the most powerful vampires that exist. They have special powers that no other members of the vampire race will ever duplicate - it‘s what makes them unique. Most assume the role of Lord, Lady, or Master.

Level 1 - Infectious Breed Vampires - Last Stage
Level 2 - Familiars
Level 3 - Turned Vampires
Level 4 - Noble Vampires
Level 5 - Pure Blood Vampires

5) Dhampirs are a rare breed of creature: half vampire, half human. They are born when a Noble or Pure Blood vampire impregnates a mortal woman. Many die before birth - they drain the mortal woman of blood and life very quickly from within the womb. Without a host, the unborn dhampir - much like a parasite - dies. Those who manage to survive are power rouge beings - cast out by their vampiric counterparts due to their “tainted” blood. Hunted by vampire hunters and vampires alike.

6) Although vampires often drink the blood of other vampires as a means of sustaining their thirst in the modern age, certain taboos exist in regards to the blood of a Pure Blood.
A) No being - vampire or mortal - will ever ask a Pure Blood for their blood. It is something that must be offered.
B) No Pure Blood may drink the blood of another Pure Blood. (This is due to the power that may be gained. A shift in power could occur.)
* Side Note! - Members of a vampire clan all descend from a single Pure Blood. Their various powers all correlate back to the specific power of that Pure Blood. *

7) Psi Vampires - also referred to as psychic vampires - are another breed of vampire, very different from their Sanguinarian relatives. Psi vamps devour energy, not blood. Their powers derive from the life energy of those that surround them. Said powers are often of a psychic nature: telekinesis, mind-reading, telecommunications, the ability to reform thoughts, enter dreams, etc. These vampires are born as they are and by no other means. Thus, they are able to live among the humans without being detected unless by rare occurrence a specially trained hunter happens across their path.
*Side Note! - They have shorter fangs than sang vamps due to their energy only diet. Though in rare cases, a curious psi vampire may venture a taste of human blood though it will over no nourishment. *

8) Vampire Hunters are a special line of humans who have developed certain strengths and abilities that enable them to in some manner match the creatures they seek to destroy. Vampire hunters are trained from birth with various weapons and memorabilia to defeat vampires. Though, some vampire victims will seek training in the art they are never on the same level as the natural born hunters. The natural hunters’ blood contains special properties that give them strength and keen/escalated senses. They can predict and notice things that ordinary humans cannot: vampire‘s scent, presence when hidden among a crowd, and various little things, etc.
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