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Rated: 13+ · Outline · Supernatural · #1891566
An outline describing werewolves as featured in Annika Solomon.
Wolf Notes:

Human (Phase One): this is the day to day form of most werewolves when they are not experiencing the full moon change.

Wolf-Man (Phase Two): this is the phase experienced by those of werewolf decent after a certain age or of those who have been bitten by one of the beasts.

Wolf (Phase Three): a rare form that may only be attained by high level or powerful werewolves; vampires of a certain power can also enact the “illusion” of wolf, which leads to the misconception that all wolf figures are vampires in disguise.

When born into a pack or bitten by a member of said pack, the person/member becomes tied by something more powerful than blood – a sort of bond – that is unbreakable. Much like the vampire clans, when an Alpha gives an order there is no disobedience. Rouges do not have this bond; the one with power over them has released them. The rouge may be free, but he also now has no protection or safety from other packs or rouges – he is in essence fair game and extremely vulnerable.

Most werewolves function in a sort of “pack” mentality, these can range anywhere from modern to traditional, peace groups to chaotic wars of dominance. There’s an Alpha (male and female), as well as a Beta (either or both), in each pack.
As an exception to the rule, there are rouge wolves. These rouge wolves are solitary for reasons of their own or because they were cast out by their pack for some show of weakness or misbehavior that put their pack in danger.

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