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Don't judge what you don't know.
How can you pretend to know me?
You, who may be my father but can't even remember what my birthday is and I lived with you for 12 years.
You tell me it is just "a phase" something everyone goes through, even my mother.
How can you tell me such a thing?
Do you know what I think about?
All I can think about is HER, kissing her, holding her, loving her.
And YOU took her away.
Could not bare to have me happy, when you yourself could not be.
You told me it was for my own good.
Yet you wondered why I was unhappy in your hell hole up until the day I left.
"You can't love her, she is a girl. You will forget about her." you tell me, refusing to see my free flowing tears.
How can you tell me what love is?
You who says that you never really loved my mother,
And is too miserable to leave the devil you now call a wife
How many years has it been since you took my angel?
3 years.
3 years, of thinking and feeling only for her, of nothing but her
If that is not love I seriously don't know what love is.
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