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Rated: 13+ · Other · Dark · #1892178
The story of the St. Louis train murder of 1923. (to my knowledge, no such murder exists)
Clicky Clack Clickity Clack

The train wheels go running along the wooden rails, sometimes jumping off the track to hit the cement ever so quickly
Not many people dare ride this train,
Not since the murder of 1923
You don't know the story?
How could you not?
It is the talk of the town, even this some 60 years later..
You are a stranger you say?
Well, my dear child, take a seat will take but a moment to tell the tale.

It was the summer of 1923.
Nine friends were on their way from St. Louis to Chicago to see the world famous fair.
They laughed. They joked.
None of them realized that it could be their last day on Earth.
A man by the name of Raven Bowie asked to sit in their compartment.
They obliged, after all what harm could a man ten years their senior cause?

Around a curve the train went, when Raven pulled a knife slitting the throat of little Betty, who was but five years old.
"One down, eight more to go" he chanted.
He stalked his prey, defenseless as they were in the tiny compartment.
No matter, how they jumped and scrambled, Raven butchered them, all the while chanting.
All to soon the seats ran red with the blood of the fallen.
Soon there were only three. No matter how they banged the window would not budge. It too soon turned red, and slippery with their blood soaked fingerprints.
There was one survivor in the massacre. Though he walked away, forever to be called one leg legless until his dieing day.

Rumor has it dear child, that the survivor's restless soul, still walks this very train, forever looking for Raven Bowie saying "Karma Karma. Karma is going to get you ine day Raven, if it hasn't already."

I see you looking at my missing leg. That is another story for another time.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1892178-Train-Murder-of-1923