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Phoenix does his 45-minute lecture presentation...
Phoenix could not sleep, so he got up and ate breakfast.  Frosted shredded mini-wheats with 1% milk in a cottage cheese container.  That is what Phoenix and his spouse used for bowls.  Phoenix next took his morning medications and showered.  It was a short shower, as Phoenix was already feeling a bit amped up about the lecture presentation that he had to do in just a few hours.  He put on his new clothes: a purple shirt with a black and purple checkered tie, black pleated dress pants, Sebago/Filson jungle-boot style boat shoes, and his silver tie chain that his spouse had given him.  Phoenix put on his glasses and looked in the full-length mirror that hung on the bathroom closet door.  He looked fantastic.  Phoenix looked great.  He turned the bedroom light on to show his spouse and his spouse was equally impressed.  One thing Phoenix noticed was that he was hot.  Not hot as in good-looking, but almost sweating in his dress clothes.  He was glad he had gotten a haircut the day before, too, or he would be really hot.

Now to organize everything he needed for the day.  Computer?  Check.  Flash drive?  Check.  Charger?  Check.  Wallet?  Check.  Phone?  Check.  Notes?  Check.  All he needed besides that were his books, which there were only two of.  Phoenix was not nervous.  He was somewhat excited, especially since he looked good.  Look good, feel good.  There was something to that.  Truly, there was.  Now he just had to give his friend a ride up to the university and rehearse his presentation a bit before the big event.  Phoenix was looking forward to it.

Phoenix and his friend drove up to the university and sat down on the second floor for coffee for a while before going up to the fifth floor classroom that they were in for all three of their back-to-back classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Another friend joined them for coffee before they went up, which was relaxing for everyone.  Phoenix, once up in the classroom, got his computer slide show to work and his friend said she would click through the slides for him.  People filtered in one by one until it was time...

The professor made some cursory remarks and announcements and then turned it over to Phoenix.  The presentation went great!  There were many questions, all of which Phoenix had an answer for.  Phoenix remained relaxed throughout his presentation and it was a good experience for him.  He was complimented individually by most of the people in class throughout the day.  Phoenix felt awesome, and thanked God in the elevator for allowing him to have such a great experience.  Phoenix felt good. 
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