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Rated: 18+ · Non-fiction · Fantasy · #1892569
this is a story of a girl and a boy. this couldnt possibly sum up how this story is.
Chapter 1
I would love to tell you that my life was perfect and filled with the joy of having a job, a husband and children. Unfortunately that’s not how my young adult-hood happened. My life was not what you would imagine.
         I was the blond haired, blue eyes, care-free twenty years old that every man wanted for a wife. I lived in a very small town in England in the late 1900’s. We are very poor and depend on Master Xavier to support us with money. Today is going to visit us to give us more money.
         “Jasyn, Master Xavier is here!” my little brother Jonathan announced rather loudly as he ran into my bedroom. I ripped my eyes from the book I had just been reading and looked over at Jonathan in anger. “Jonathan, what did I tell you about rushing into my room? I told you I do not allow you to come into my room because you broke my porcelain doll last week, remember?” I scolded, kinder than I wanted. “I said sorry about it, Jasyn. Master Xavier is here.” He reminded. His seven year old facial expression made me smile. He was trying to be upset with me and it obviously wasn’t working.
         “Where is dad?” I questioned, looking at him. “He is in the living room as well.” Jonathan replied. “Okay. I will be down stairs.” I directed. Jonathan nodded.
         I rushed downstairs and entered the living room. Master Xavier stood up and kissed my hand, like a gentlemen. We both sat down. “Jasyn, Master Xavier wishes to speak to you in private. I will be in my study if you need me.” Dad spoke as he stood up. After he said that, he left.
         “Hello, Master Xavier. How are you today?” I asked, conservational. “Please, call me Xavier. I am afraid I’m not at all well. I have to marry a suitable woman in the next month or I lose my inherited money and your family will no longer receive financial support from me.” He replied. My expression became concerned. “What does this have to do with me?” I questioned. “Your father and I have come to an agreement.” He began. “What agreement?” I questioned, backing up into my seat. “if you would marry me, your family will receive the money they need to continue living here.” Xavier said. He was pretty much pleading. His eyes showed it big time.
         “Marry?!” I exclaimed, upset. It sounded more like my father was making a bargain and selling me to Xavier for money. “Yes. You want your family to stay together, don’t you?” He spat. It was the unforgivable guilt trip. I felt my stomach turn as he said those words with a cold expression and a chilling voice to match. I couldn’t find my voice for a few minutes.
         “I don’t want anything to happen to my little brother and father.” Was all I could say. My heart ached as I spoke with a strained voice. “You’re a smart girl.” He relied with a sly grin. He sat back in his chair and I realized he was close to my face and leaning towards me a few minutes ago.
         I wanted to cry so bad. Xavier was not the kind man that we had known for years. He was no longer the kind gentlemen that walked into our home today. Xavier was now a man of very few kind words and no sympathy towards me. I started to think that he was like that all along. Maybe he was just toying with our emotions to get to me.
         Somehow, I found my voice. It was enough to tell him off. “That’s low! You are disgraceful! My father is no better, but you are impossible! I pity myself for agreeing to such nonsense!” I screamed. He leaned into me fast, without another word from my lips. “it was easy to trick your father into selling you. Why is it hard for you to accept it?” he apoke softly in my ear. I pushed him off me with as much strength as I could muster. It wasn’t enough to make him fall, but he did pull back. He was angered.
         “Listen! You will do as you are told! You are not yet an adult, you will do as you are told by your elders!” he yelled as he slapped me in the face. My hand flew to my cheek, caressing the stinging. A traitor tear left my left eye.
         My heart was racing and I couldn’t feel my body anymore. I was trying to take it all in but my mind couldn’t grasp what was happening. I was mentally exhausted.
         Xavier grabbed my arm and forced me to stand. He kissed me on my lips hard and brief. It was uncomfortable and I wasn’t into it. “Get in the limo.” He ordered, coldly. I ran out the door, more tears were falling.
         A man stood outside, waiting for me I guess. “Hello. My name is James. I’m Xavier’s friend. You must be Jasyn Let’s get in the limo, shall we?” he spoke sincerely. I was a little dumbfounded. How could he be much kinder than his ‘friend?’ James noticed my expression and smiled. He pulled me gently to the limo as I was in too much shock to move on my own.
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