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bringing understanding through the eyes of all.
an angel came hurtling from the heavens to earth,wondering why have i been forsaking,my one true lord i have obeyed your every command,i have entered the spirits of lost souls and shown them light,i have entered the minds of many a muddled thought and shown them reason,and i have entered the hearts of all woman,men,and children,and shown them how to love,only the way you teach,and yet you have still banished me to a life of mortality amongst the humans,my lord your wish is my command,i will lay down my wings to live among all women,men,and children,i will bring them joy and happiness,love and harmony,i will bring strength to the weak,and honor to those that use your name in vane my lord,my one last desire is that you guid me throught out my mortal life,show me understanding when i have doubt,to pass your will and your way your all knowing into the lives of all that walk the mortal earth,and when my time has come to leave this life and again be by your side,you welcome me with loving open arms,to rest my head on your chest,and to feel the warmth of your hand against my cheek that is my one last wish of you my one true lord........my child you have been an eternal loyal desciple from a time before time,i have not forsaking you i have simply took your angelic feathers and spread them around the mortal earth,as your wings represent all that i am and all that i shall be,you created through me a soft landing for all humans to fall on,you opened all eyes to see, when they were blinded by greed money and power,you brought strength when there should have been weakness,you brought joy into many a saddened hearts,you brought inspiration when there was doubt,and you through me spread joy and happiness,brought togetherness and have shown humans how to live as one in peace and you have shown humans the way of my doing in your angelic form,my child i have not banished you,i am sending my one true angel of all good things,to earth as a human to show them the way of my doing,and you will always be wecome in my home,and i will always hold you in my arms,go now my angel for when you wake,my word and my doing,and your love will be passed to all mankind..........
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