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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Adult · #1892607
Tsutomu marries Birdy and reaps the rewards
Tsutomu was stunned by Birdy’s request. He had planned to marry her eventually, but not so soon. He didn’t care though, because he felt that since that was what Birdy wanted, that was what Birdy would get.

“Alright Birdy,” Tsutomu said, “I’d be happy to marry you. Just tell me when you want to get married, and how big the ceremony should be.”

“I actually wanted a private ceremony, as soon as possible,” Birdy said, “But there is something you can do instead of a party.”

“What is it, my love,” Tsutomu asked, “Name it, and it’s yours.

“I want you to make these…” Birdy said while patting her enlarged assets, “bigger.”

“Don’t you think you’re curves are big enough already,” Tsutomu asked.

“No, there are other girls out in the universe who are bigger than me. I want to be the biggest girl who ever lived,” Birdy said.

“Ok then Birdy,” Tsutomu said, “Let’s make you the biggest girl there will ever be. Just tell me when to stop growing you.”

With that, Tsutomu summoned up his power and pressed his hands into Birdy’s chest. Birdy’s breasts and her ass began to grow rapidly.

“Oh my God, yes!” Birdy gasped, her voice filled with lust, “More Tsutomu, More!”

Birdy’s assets grew and grew and grew. Finally, just when her assets were about to start pushing against the walls she yelled out “Stop!” Birdy’s breasts and ass were enormous globes of flesh, each boob or butt cheek was triple the size of a yoga ball. Her nipples were massive, over 8 inches long and over 3 inches wide. Her butt cleavage alone was big enough to encase the bed she was on. Birdy tried to stand up but immediately fell back onto the bed crushing it completely. She stood up again, managed a few steps, and fell flat on her tits.

“Wow, looks like I’m going to have to practice walking a bit,” Birdy said, “Guess I got a little greedy, huh.”

Birdy turned around to try to walk back to the bed’s remains, and exposed the true enormity of her ass to Tsutomu. Her gigantic cheeks came together to form a crack so big that it was more of a fault line than a simple crack. Each calf and thigh had become twice as thick as a tree trunk in order to support the monstrous booty. She had also grown to about 6’ 3” to be able to support her own weight. Birdy seemed to enjoy it though, and was quickly regaining her balanced walk. In an hour she was kickboxing in her usual style as if she had always been this big. Finally her energy ran out and she passed out on her massive orbs of flesh. Tsutomu was tired after using so much magic to grow Birdy, and fell asleep on top of her left breast.

The next day was one of hectic preparation for their private wedding. Tsutomu went out to buy rings, and Birdy managed to discreetly get herself fitted for what was to be the largest wedding dress ever made. After 8 hours and 101 little tasks that had to be done, Birdy and Tsutomu were at the altar in a small church that was only used for private weddings. They said their vows and finally got to the part where they kissed passionately. They paid the reverend for his service, and drove home in Tsutomu’s car, with Birdy filling almost the entire van with her body.

They drove into Tsutomu’s driveway and entered his house. They stood in the front room, each marveling how the other looked in wedding clothes. Eventually Tsutomu spoke up.

“Birdy, as beautiful as you look in that dress,” he began, “I think you’d look better out of it.”

“How right you are, Tsutomu,” Birdy said.

Then with great care to leave the dress intact, Birdy removed her wedding clothes and displayed her naked body before Tsutomu. Tsutomu carefully shed his own clothes and tackled her to the ground and placed a furious kiss on her lips while massaging every part of her body he could reach. Breaking the kiss, he asked, “Are you ready Birdy?” Birdy nodded and spread her legs as much as she could with her massive body. The flower between the twin pillars was several times the size as the one Tsutomu had seen when Birdy was pleasuring herself. He thrust himself into it, provoking a scream from Birdy when he penetrated her hymen. Birdy signaled that she was fine, and Tsutomu continued. Birdy gave a load moan and then milk began to gush forth from her massive nipples. Tsutomu drank as much as he could but eventually had to let her milk spill onto the floor, which soaked it up as greedily as he had. Finally the two lovers came inside each other, and rested peacefully in the afterglow.

Unknown to the two, a golden aura surrounded the two, and the floodgates of eternal youth were thrown open by the final union of light and darkness, and life energy spilled into the pair. Birdy and Tsutomu would age to their prime but not one day older. As her breathing steadied, Birdy whispered, “I love you Tsutomu,” and Tsutomu whispered back, “I love you too Birdy.” Then the pair fell asleep in each other’s arms. The pair lived in total bliss until the end of time, never failing to enjoy a second of their life, or an inch of their bodies. Then, when the gates of heaven opened at last, Birdy and Tsutomu were two of the privileged few who entered without ever dying. The blessed couple spent their second eternity as their first one, arm in arm, forever and ever.

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