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Understanding and redactive.

          "What is an economy for?" Tilly asked chewing her bubble gum.
    "It's about you turn a few Benjamins baby." her pimp Estes answered.
    "Jesus. Hue your so vulgar. I'm a human being. I have rights and feelings."
    Tilly spun her hips and popped her bubble gum. An expensive car pulled
    up. Tilly walked, her vamp walk, up to the window.

                "Wanna go on a date?" she queried.

                "How much?" the grisly old man asked.

    After a few minutes of bartering, Tilly entered the car and did her job.
    The geezer wheezed, "Your a peach." and counted out Tilly's pay.
    "I love the O'Reilly factor." Tilly gushed. Bill O'Reilly smiled back,
    "It's all about money baby."

            That in a nutshell is the capitalist formula: everything is for sale.
      What astonishes me is that conservatives can believe that Wall Street
      and International banks are loyal to America.
      They are in the business of making a profit anyway they can.
              Why, then, denigrate prostitution? It is a simple exchange for services.
      Capitalism is not moral. But, it has one rule: don't spend more than
      you have. Other than that fiat, everything is fare game.
      What becomes of those, who cannot care for themselves?
      Are there no prisons? Are there no work houses?
      A monopoly corporation will not tolerate nonproductive citizens.
      It will enslave them or euthanize them. And mass consumption will
      lead to austerity; infinite demand can not be met with finite resources.
      It is as inevitable as the tides.

      That's my two cents.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1892920