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This is a letter to the idiot who parked his car illegally and it affected me personally.
Dear Idiot (Don't know whether you are male or female, but it doesn't really matter): 

I would like to ask you what you were thinking when you parked you're vehicle in the middle of a parking lot blocking access to another parking lot.  Where you even thinking or did you even care?  I seriously doubt that you even cared. 

I drove down to the Howl in the Moon venue in Orlando, Florida to attend a free party which I was invited to.  The party was a group that I signed up for on meetups.  Have always wanted to go to this place because everyone I've known who has been there enjoyed it.  I looked forward to this party for over a week. 

I went through the Florida monsoons and they were heavy, so heavy that it caused several accidents.  The traffic on I-4 crawled from Altamonte Springs and continued into the downtown area of Orlando.  Finally I was able to get off at the exit. 

Of course I turned the wrong way on International Drive and ended up at the mall (it ends at one of the malls).  I turned around and within 20 minutes was finally at the Howl to the Moon.  At this point I'm annoyed somewhat. 

I arrived at the Venue and was told that there was free parking and a designated parking area for $5.00 which was a hotel parking lot in back.  I wasn't too surprised the free parking was taken.  Then I tried to get into the hotel parking area and you're car blocked me and anyone else from coming or going into that area.  Now I'm starting to get a little upset. 

I drove around the block and tried to gain access to the designated area without success.  I then tried to see if I could park elsewhere.  No such luck as other parking area threatened to tow my car (this includes other hotels, restaurants, etc). After about 20 minutes of this, I give up and I'm really angry at this point. The staff at the Howl to the Moon are sympathic towards me but can't do anything about you're vehicle. 

Some people might have reacted to this by yelling and screaming or by going into the venue and demand knowing whose car it is.  If they found you, they would probably go off on you.  Mr. Idiot, I'm not that type of person. Don't do the yelling screaming bit as you Mr. Idiot would if someone confronted you about this would call the police on them.

Twist it to make it look like you're the victim and the person screaming at you is the ranting and raving lunatic. I'm not a screamer, yeller or the one who is in your face.  What I would have liked to have said to you wouldn't be very nice but being that I was raised by conservative mid-West mother and grandmother who were very religious , getting into someone's face is not something we do.  I would be polite about it, so don't worry about me cussing you out (I don't do this ). 

Well, Mr. Idiot I hope that someone towed your vehicle as you were enjoying the show..I hope you got a hefty fine. I wish you would watch them tow you're car and you can't do anything about it.  I would have been delighted to see you're face when you came out and you're car was nowhere to be found or when you watched you're vehicle  being towed.  I would have been smiling ear to ear. 

You are lucky my cell phone battery was low.  Otherwise I would have called someone since the staff at the venue couldn't do anything about it. I wouldn't call 911 but the non-emergency number. Whether or not something would be done I don't know but it would make me feel better.

I almost wished that a law enforcement officer came into the venue looking for you, found you and took you away in handcuffs and then as you're sitting in the patrol car, you see the tow truck driver taking you're vehicle away. Oh, how I would have loved to have seen this. 

Another thing, Mr. Idiot, if  I had a royal title (in my family tree there is a Polish baron), you're car would be towed immediately. Just one phone call would be all I would need.  You would either be admonished for this and given a chance to move you're vehicle or they would just tow it.  In this case you could DO NOTHING ABOUT IT.

More likely because it was raining outside, you probably got away with this.  Because of you, I wasn't able to see the show and this really  ticks me off.  But you probably don't care.  It's all about you. Well, guess what idiot, it's not all about you.   

If I had to pay for the show, I would be Howling to the Moon and you would hear me.  I'd want to make sure that you heard me.  Then when I reported you for being parked illegally, I would be cheering when you're car was towed.  The mouse that roared. 

Mr. Idiot will probably never see this letter but anyone who reads this letter be warned:  If you go down to the International Drive Area of Orlando, get there early.  There are many places that are designated parking areas and if they are full or if some idiot parks his car illegally so that you can't get access to the parking area, you're out of luck or most likely will have to park blocks away.  Since it was raining heavily, I wasn't about to walk 6 blocks. 

Signed, The Mouse that Roared.   

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